Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fuck President Obama, that lying warmonger

I came across these videos this weekend, and they enraged me. Both videos deal with children in Libya who found themselves victims to the NATO airstrikes. *I will include both videos at the end of this post* these videos bothered me. One shows a child, who I saw was around 3 years old, with his jaw hanging off screaming & crying, with what appears to be his sisters body being placed next to him. This was NATO's fault, it wasnt Ghadaffi. Obama wanted people to believe that we were going in to Libya to remove ghadaffi because he was killing his own people, yet we kill more with the constant airstrikes. I have seen quite a few videos of people in Libya crying because their kids were killed by NATO bombs, and asking the same question, "Why are you bombing us?", and you wonder why countries hate us? We are so goddamn ignorant in this country. I hate how people in this country put a higher value on an American life over those who live in other countries. A life is a life period. Don’t believe me, if a suicide bomber kills 200 Americans, then it’s a big deal. Meanwhile if a NATO airstrike or drone attack kills 200 people it’s a non-story. As far as I see it 200 people died either way. 911 was horrible but only a few thousand died, meanwhile AT LEAST 1 million innocent people died in Iraq throughout this war & around the same amount of innocent people died in Libya as the result of NATO & the rebels, yet no one cares. Its sickening. 
 We start stuff with our reckless offensive "Team America" style foreign policy. That’s why I am such a big Ron Paul supporter. Ron Paul is against this entire nation building, and putting our troops and innocent people in danger. When he says hes going to bring our troops home, he actually means it, unlike Obama who said the same BS last year and recently said it, not because he means it, but because he wants to be re-elected.

Its very odd to me that President Obama gets treated like a peace candidate, yet our armed forces are fighting in 
-Iraq(he says he’s gonna bring the troops home, ill believe this when I see it)
and lets not forget the constant drone attacks in 
(the list goes on and on) 

Also lets not forget that Operation Fast & Furious (our government giving thousands of guns to Mexican cartels like the sinaloas and others, some of which have been used on our border patrol & police officers) is happening under his watch. Can you believe that all this is happening under President Obama AND THE PIECE OF SHIT WAS STILL GIVEN A NOBEL PEACE PRIZE? Its disgusting, and what’s worse is that liberals who were so angry at Bush for doing the same stuff are ok with Obama doing it because he’s black & he’s a democrat...wrong is wrong, no matter who’s in office. I hope to see the day when them two bastards are in jail for war crimes. Fuck President Obama that lying warmonger. Ron Paul 2012  


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