Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fuck President Obama, that lying warmonger

I came across these videos this weekend, and they enraged me. Both videos deal with children in Libya who found themselves victims to the NATO airstrikes. *I will include both videos at the end of this post* these videos bothered me. One shows a child, who I saw was around 3 years old, with his jaw hanging off screaming & crying, with what appears to be his sisters body being placed next to him. This was NATO's fault, it wasnt Ghadaffi. Obama wanted people to believe that we were going in to Libya to remove ghadaffi because he was killing his own people, yet we kill more with the constant airstrikes. I have seen quite a few videos of people in Libya crying because their kids were killed by NATO bombs, and asking the same question, "Why are you bombing us?", and you wonder why countries hate us? We are so goddamn ignorant in this country. I hate how people in this country put a higher value on an American life over those who live in other countries. A life is a life period. Don’t believe me, if a suicide bomber kills 200 Americans, then it’s a big deal. Meanwhile if a NATO airstrike or drone attack kills 200 people it’s a non-story. As far as I see it 200 people died either way. 911 was horrible but only a few thousand died, meanwhile AT LEAST 1 million innocent people died in Iraq throughout this war & around the same amount of innocent people died in Libya as the result of NATO & the rebels, yet no one cares. Its sickening. 
 We start stuff with our reckless offensive "Team America" style foreign policy. That’s why I am such a big Ron Paul supporter. Ron Paul is against this entire nation building, and putting our troops and innocent people in danger. When he says hes going to bring our troops home, he actually means it, unlike Obama who said the same BS last year and recently said it, not because he means it, but because he wants to be re-elected.

Its very odd to me that President Obama gets treated like a peace candidate, yet our armed forces are fighting in 
-Iraq(he says he’s gonna bring the troops home, ill believe this when I see it)
and lets not forget the constant drone attacks in 
(the list goes on and on) 

Also lets not forget that Operation Fast & Furious (our government giving thousands of guns to Mexican cartels like the sinaloas and others, some of which have been used on our border patrol & police officers) is happening under his watch. Can you believe that all this is happening under President Obama AND THE PIECE OF SHIT WAS STILL GIVEN A NOBEL PEACE PRIZE? Its disgusting, and what’s worse is that liberals who were so angry at Bush for doing the same stuff are ok with Obama doing it because he’s black & he’s a democrat...wrong is wrong, no matter who’s in office. I hope to see the day when them two bastards are in jail for war crimes. Fuck President Obama that lying warmonger. Ron Paul 2012  

Monday, October 10, 2011

5 min rants: Occupy Wall Street & Hank Williams JR

Occupy Wall Street: So I know I haven't been blogging in a while, I been busy, regardless today I'm going to give my opinion on the whole Occupy Wall Street movement. For those who been living under a rock, the Occupy Wall Street movement was started as a response, in a way, to all the corruption on Wall Street & social issues in general. Let me say this, I love the fact that Americans are fed up with the horrible direction our country is going, but there are quite a few problems with the movement. I live in Boston, so I decided why not go down to Occupy Boston. Right off the bat I noticed a few people calling for socialism. That's a red flag to me (no pun intended) Capitalism is a great system, it's not perfect, but it works. People are saying Capitalism is the problem, but the real problem is the corrupt bankers who abuse the system and most of all the Federal Reserve. We dont need to get rid of Capitalism, what we need is tougher regulations & to punish those who abuse the system. The corrupt bankers & the Federal Reserve has set us up with a debt that we as the American people don't own. Let me give you an example: imagine you’re at home & hear a knock on the door, you open it and it's a guy you never met before. He says he went to Vegas and got himself into a gambling debt, and that you need to give him money to pay for it. Mind you you have never met this man, nor have you ever did anything to contribute to his debt. That same type of thing is happening to us. The Federal Reserve especially is trying to charge us for a debt that isn't ours. Speaking of banks let me quickly touch on Bank of America. Bank of America was in the news recently for deciding that they are going to charge all it's users who use their debt card, a five dollar fee. I find this insulting to their bank customers. For those who don't know, Bank of America got some bailout money in 08, and yet have the nerve to ask you for a fee? I closed my account with them years ago because they were taking money from my account, and that was the best decision I made in my life. Bank of America is a corrupt bank. Don't believe me, google "bank of America forecloses on the wrong home", and you will see that in some cases they foreclose homes they don't even own in the first place...I digress. Back to the occupy wall street movement, some people there don't even know why they are there & are completely uninformed at the matters at hand. I asked one young college student why he was there & he said "I don't know"...that's a shame. Here's what I fear that the whole Occupy Wall Street movement will go the same route as the Tea Party movement. Let me explain. The Tea Party was originally started by Ron Paul and a few other to be a strong third party. They were anti-taxes and anti-war. Then they got derailed and essentially hijacked by the likes of Sarah Palin/Glenn Beck retards, racist, ect. The Tea Party takeover was done by the "right". The Occupy Wall street take over is being done by the left. Don't get me wrong, there are some sincere and knowledgeable people at Occupy Wall Street & all these other events around the country who see that the real problem isn't wall street, but the Federal Reserve & that we need to end the fed. That being said the occupy movement is being taken over by those calling for Communism, Socialism & all this other crap. It seems like the rich people don't like the occupy wallstreet people because in their eyes they are lazy, and on the flip side those on occupy wall street don't like the rich because they feel that they need to share their wealth. Meanwhile while all this infighting is going on the Federal Reserve is getting is in more debt. Let's End the Fed, and also register to vote so we can get Ron Paul the GOP nomination when the primaries come around.(because he's the only one who seriously wants to bring serious change to our economy & end the wars) Also included in this post is a video of one protester who gets it. He explains it all perfectly & if you don’t believe him, research it…

Hank Williams JR: So for those who dont know, Hank Williams jr was fired from his Monday Night Football job because he allegedly compared Obama to Hitler. Let me start off by saying that I cant stand his Monday Night football song, and changed the channel when it came on, but I dont think he deserved to get fired. The way the mainstream media made it sound you would think he said something along the lines of, " I cant stand Obama, hes like Hitler", but what he actually said was nothing even close. I have heard the audio, as a matter of fact here it all for yourself. 
He was pretty much saying that Obama and Bonner playing golf is similar to Hitler playing golf with Benjamin Netanyahu. In other words he was trying to give an example of two people who are two opposite sides of the spectrum, that you would never see together. He never hinted to Obama being Hitler. If Hank Williams jr said something about Obama's daughters that would be a different story, but even if he did compare Obama to Hitler he shouldnt get fired over it. When Bush was in office everyone bashed him, why is Obama such a sensitive topic? This is ESPN, a channel that shows men in pads hitting each other for a ball & yet they are getting sensitive over a stupid comment (which was taken out of context) I hate how America has tured from a land of the free & home of the brave, to land of the PC "dont say that because you can hurt someones feeling" slaves. This is why our country would never get over things like racism. We are so PC & worry so much about hurting feelings that in the process we throw a way honesty & someones true feelings. I have not heard any of Hank William Jr's music, but I am defending his right to say what he wants. I feel that nowadays if you dont stick up for someone elses right to free speech, your at risk of losing your own. Hank Williams JR should not of been fired & (besides Skip Bayless) I have lost all respect for ESPN after that move.