Saturday, September 10, 2011

911: Wow, 10 years went by fast

SO as many of you know today is 911. The horrific events of that day happened just 10 years ago. Its hard to believe that 10 years past that quickly. I remember where I was on 911. I was in 4th grade and my teacher was about to start teaching math, and I got called down to the office. I was so excited, its not evevery day you get to skip math. Before I left class one thing was odd to me, one of the other teachers came and whispered something to my teacher, causing her face to drop. I didnt think much of it until later on. Anyway I went to the office & My mom was there and I got dismissed early. The ride home was quiet. I  got home to see my dad in the other room, eyes planted on the TV. So since my dad and mom were both focused on tv & since I was home early, I decided to watch some cartoons. I turned it to Nick and all it was was 911 footage. Looking back I know it was a very crazy time, but when a kid turns to a Nick or a Cartoon Network they shouldnt have to see planes going into towers & especially footage of people jumping. As you can expect the whole day was spent in front of the TV. 911 was an event that got to everybody on some level. That day showed what true herorism was. There were the firefighters and police officers rushing back in the WTC to see who they could save, or the passengers who fought back on United 93, and the list goes on and on. One group that really embodies herorism was the first reponders. They came from all walks of life, and came to help. Many of them put their bodies on the line, to help their fellow man. If I was in power, instead of paying for wars, I would pay for healthcare for the first responders. They deserve that at the very least. To bad these out of touch politicians dont get it. And Bloomberg not letting first responders come to that ceremony, screw him. I kinda want to see Bloomberg get cancer, just so he could feel how the first responders are feeling. That part annoys the hell out of me. We say never forget or we remember, but we forget the REAL heroes. Its 10 years after 911 and what do we have to show for it? Ground Zero isnt fully rebuilt, gas prices are still high, we are in multiple wars, and we as Americans are giving up many of our rights to get some "feeling" of security. I seen all this about a terror threat today (which I think is fake), from Pakistan (which if its true might be blowback for all the unprovoked drone attacks) and all you see is checkpoints and all this stuff in NY. What ever happened to a thing called the 4th Amendment? The Patriot Act is an enemy to the free society America was built on. Its only a matter of time before all this security and stuff gets turned on us, the people. Its in the works too, dont believe me, google "HR 645". Heres a random thought for you, Terrorism is defined as ,"the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce,especially for political purposes." but our government does this all the time to other countries. Take the drone attacks in Pakistan for instance. I love this country, but I dont hesitate to call it out on its BS. Using the definition of terrorism, our government partakes in many acts of terrorism, but I digress. As you can see my faith in this countries government has been declining since 911. I just dont trust them. Its 10 years later & we still dont know the full story on what happened on 911. As a matter of fact if you try and get some of the documents you cant, even under the Freedom of Information act. The whole Building 7 thing also rubs me the wrong way as well. Some fishy stuff definitely happened behind the scences. Anyway in conclusion, if there are any first responders reading this, I say Thank You. You all are the real heroes. 911 is something I, like many others, would never forget. Although what happened that day was horrific, in a way it showed us what makes this country great. Its not the whole display your "made in China" American flag part, but the fact that when trouble comes, we look out and help each other. It sucks that we are constantly fighting with each other too see that. (I wish I had a better way to end this, but Im half asleep, I apologize)