Monday, August 29, 2011

Something that grinds my gears & razzes my berries about the Service/ Industry

So I haven't updated my blog, and what better reason than today and tell you something that really pisses me off about my job. First of all let me start from the beginning, I work on a waitstaff. I kinda do what waiters do, except I work with big events. There are a few things I hate about it. One is how us waitstaff workers pretty much do what trees do with CO2 with negative energy. Let me explain, you know how trees take the thing that can kill you in CO2, and in return gives you something good like oxygen? Well we waitstaff workers are forced to take some people annoying, rude, selfish energy & in return give them something good like a smile and good service. But the subject of this post isn't about that, lord knows I can write along post about that, but the post today is about wasting food. That is the thing that Absolutely grinds my gears and razzes my berries about the service/food industry. I feel uncomfortable at the end of the event when we are cleaning up and dumping food that could be eaten away. Homeless people would love to eat that. It's like a hobos wet dream. Then when you say, "hey why don't we give it to a homeless person", they soon reply, they can't because it's some policy. You can't give shelters already cooked food. I say screw that, homeless people are used to eating whatever they can find, they won't have a problem with already cooked food. I just finished working an event at a college, for ironically enough, their community service program. The biggest irony is how at the dinner they talked about how they were going to work on poverty and hunger in Boston, meanwhile in the back we are dumping loads of food. This happens at colleges all across the country, they preach the need of helping others in need, meanwhile behind the scenes are doing little and actually hurting the people they claim to want to help. Also a lot of colleges talk and do a lot about recycling & stuff to save mother earth and all that BS. I say screw mother earth, if I drop a can in the wrong bin she'll live. Instead let's work more at helping our fellow man. I honestly believe that if we were serious about ending poverty and hunger in this country we could get it done. It's not like we don't have the food. Every day someone eats at a restaurant or whatever, decides they have enough, the waiter or whoever takes it away, heads to the back and dumps it. They spent their money on it, fair to say, and I'm not trying to tell them what to do with their money, all I'm asking is for people to be a little more conscience. The way I was raised you take what you can eat, and if you don't finish it, you will have it for dinner or lunch or whatever the next day. That might help, or better yet, everyone should be forced to serve in the service industry for at least 3 months. After that people will be more conscience about how they treat others (especially waitstaff), learn a thing or two about serving others & lastly see the dark side/behind the scene of the food industry. People need to get aware, we have a problem, and we talk about wanting to fix it, but do not as much as we could do to fix it. So in conclusion, if you want to do a job where you feel good about yourself, think about considering the service industry. 

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  1. As one of Kevin's co-workers... he's not kidding.

    Also... Healed, it's called Healed. :-)
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