Friday, August 5, 2011

So the US officially lost its AAA credit rating....this isnt good at all

So it's officially here, the United States has lost it's AAA credit rating. Some of you who are frequent readers of this blog have seen me mention how a loss of our AAA credit rating would be detrimental to our economy. So after this whole BS with the debt ceiling we finally lost it. Our AAA credit rating pretty much allows us to borrow money from other countries, because are good for the money and would pay them back. Losing our AAA credit rating is pretty much saying we aren’t good with money and if you loan money to us, we suck at paying you back. Let me briefly stop for a moment and share a few thoughts about the whole debt ceiling fiasco. It was all political WWE. Both sides put up a convincing act that most of the general public ate up completely. In the end the bill mentioned 2.5 trillion dollars in spending cuts. Meanwhile I have read in many articles that in order to save our credit rating they need to have at least 4 trillion dollars in cuts. It doesn't take a genius to realize 2.5 isn't 4 and would never be 4. We could easily make 4 trillion in cuts. Cut defense, particularly cut funding for all these wars and "kinetic military actions" as Obama likes to put it, that the US are involved in & bring the troops home. Then audit the Federal Reserve, pentagon and treasury who are responsible for trillions of dollars going "missing" and haven't been investigated. Next cut foreign aid. I don't care if they're Israel or Egypt; we shouldn't give them money if we as a country are beyond broke. That little plan of mine could easily help our economy. Anyway back to the AAA credit rating situation. People like Ron Paul warned us that this would happen & he's right. The sad part is the general masses don't care about this type of stuff until it hits their pockets personally. Because we lost our good credit rating things are going to change & not for the better. Pensions are in jeopardy, government student loans interest rates are going to be jacked up, and so much other fun stuff. Sounds fun huh? If our economy is a roller coaster, it's quickly headed for the bottom. Shoutout to Obama, Bush, greedy bankers, lobbyist, wars, the thieves in the Federal Reserve and all the countless others who made today possible. Thank you for absolutely destroying our economy :) When 2012 comes around my vote is going for Ron Paul. This is just one more sign that our nation is in need of a revolution both politically and in our thinking overall. We're in a time where ignorance is deadly

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