Friday, August 12, 2011

KevinsKewlKorner fully endorse and supports Dr. Ron Paul for President in 2012

Most of you all know I absolutely love Ron Paul. He isnt your average politician. He stands firm on what he believe, and he doesnt let public opinion sway his beliefs. He is one of the few politicians whos views and voting record has remained constant and consistent on issues such as the War in Iraq (which he was one of the few who voted NO), the Patriot Act (one of the few who voted NO), in addition to so much more. He was calling for the Fed to be Audited WAY before it was mainstream, and at the time when he looked like a weirdo for saying stuff like that. Bush failed us, Obama failed us, what America cant afford is another 4 years of the status quo. We cant afford to fight & escalate conflicts with other countries that we cant even fiance ourself. We cant afford to give all these greedy bankers who got us in trouble in the first place more money in these shady "bailouts". We cant afford another President who serves the interest of lobbyist over the interest of the masses of people who got him elected in the first place. Insanity is trying the same thing and expecting different results. We tried a republican who happened to be a war monger & in the interest of banks, and we soon got annoyed with him and tried a democrat who did the exact same thing. Why not w try someone different? Ron Paul is that person. He knows his economics, which is more than Obama and Bush can ever say, and on top of that he knows the Consititution. America is one of the greatest countries in the world, and its sad to see that our country is in this type of shape now. Ron Paul isnt mainstream & thats why mainstream doesnt like him. In the debates last night, Ron Paul pretty much won. He did so by saying what he believes, he didnt need to Obama bash or none of that. He also gives it to us straight. He doesnt beat around the bush, he keeps it direct and honest. Ron Paul is beyond that "left vs right/ political wwe" that we see everyday. He brings up real issues, ones that if our government continues to ignore would lead to a long, tough road ahead. Back to the debates, every single poll said he won. Even in a couple polls on Fox News, he lead by at least double of what second place had, but of course fox news deleted that poll and only talks about Romney and Bachman. Even on Yahoo they only mention Romney and Bachman, and dont even mention Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the only winner who the mainstream refuses to acknowledge they won. I have seen countless articles that say Ron Paul is the only real competition for Obama, and yet not even what claims to be conservative media gives him the slightest mention. I could honestly say that if I was old enough to vote in the last election I would have voted for Obama, because I thought he was genuine about what he was saying. As I soon started doing research and looking at what he actually has done I realized he was no different than his predicessor. So this coming election my vote is going for Ron Paul. If you dont know who he is I challenge you to do research. You will agree with him on so much more than you think. Our country is at the point that we cant afford continue this political WWE, but we need to address real issues. Thats why KevinsKewlKorner 100% endorses Ron Paul as President in 2012.

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