Monday, August 29, 2011

Something that grinds my gears & razzes my berries about the Service/ Industry

So I haven't updated my blog, and what better reason than today and tell you something that really pisses me off about my job. First of all let me start from the beginning, I work on a waitstaff. I kinda do what waiters do, except I work with big events. There are a few things I hate about it. One is how us waitstaff workers pretty much do what trees do with CO2 with negative energy. Let me explain, you know how trees take the thing that can kill you in CO2, and in return gives you something good like oxygen? Well we waitstaff workers are forced to take some people annoying, rude, selfish energy & in return give them something good like a smile and good service. But the subject of this post isn't about that, lord knows I can write along post about that, but the post today is about wasting food. That is the thing that Absolutely grinds my gears and razzes my berries about the service/food industry. I feel uncomfortable at the end of the event when we are cleaning up and dumping food that could be eaten away. Homeless people would love to eat that. It's like a hobos wet dream. Then when you say, "hey why don't we give it to a homeless person", they soon reply, they can't because it's some policy. You can't give shelters already cooked food. I say screw that, homeless people are used to eating whatever they can find, they won't have a problem with already cooked food. I just finished working an event at a college, for ironically enough, their community service program. The biggest irony is how at the dinner they talked about how they were going to work on poverty and hunger in Boston, meanwhile in the back we are dumping loads of food. This happens at colleges all across the country, they preach the need of helping others in need, meanwhile behind the scenes are doing little and actually hurting the people they claim to want to help. Also a lot of colleges talk and do a lot about recycling & stuff to save mother earth and all that BS. I say screw mother earth, if I drop a can in the wrong bin she'll live. Instead let's work more at helping our fellow man. I honestly believe that if we were serious about ending poverty and hunger in this country we could get it done. It's not like we don't have the food. Every day someone eats at a restaurant or whatever, decides they have enough, the waiter or whoever takes it away, heads to the back and dumps it. They spent their money on it, fair to say, and I'm not trying to tell them what to do with their money, all I'm asking is for people to be a little more conscience. The way I was raised you take what you can eat, and if you don't finish it, you will have it for dinner or lunch or whatever the next day. That might help, or better yet, everyone should be forced to serve in the service industry for at least 3 months. After that people will be more conscience about how they treat others (especially waitstaff), learn a thing or two about serving others & lastly see the dark side/behind the scene of the food industry. People need to get aware, we have a problem, and we talk about wanting to fix it, but do not as much as we could do to fix it. So in conclusion, if you want to do a job where you feel good about yourself, think about considering the service industry. 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Libya: Obama's Iraq War

Many of you who read my blog know my position on the whole Libya situation. I been against it from the begining. This war, is totally unnecessary and a complete waste of time and money. I dont understand how Liberals who were so against the Iraq war are so supportive of Obama's actions in Libya, and conservatives who were so gung-ho about going into Iraq are so against Obama's moves in Libya. War is War no matter how you look at it. Just because you give it a nice sounding name like "kinetic military peace action" doesnt negate the fact that bombs are being dropped on innocent civilians, people are dying and money (that this country doesnt have) is being wasted yet again. The first day we went into Libya and hit them with NATO airstrikes, some reports say that it cost us 100 million dollars Here we are 4 months later, can you imagine how much money we wasted? Not to mention everyday there are reports and articles about innocent people dying. One airstrike even killed Ghaddafi's little grandchildren, who didnt do anything to deserve to die. There are two other things I want to touch on, the rebels & Gaddaffi himself. The media portrays the rebels to be heros & fighting for the liberation of Libya, but they never tell you the full extent of who these people actually are. For one the rebels have links to Al Qaeda. This isnt a conspiracy theory either. There are many articles that talk about this

The same Al Qaeda that attacked us on 9/11. The same Al Qaeda that kills many of our troops. The same Al Qaeda that is the reason we have troops fighting overseas in the first place. I dont know about you, but that doesnt sound right. To make it worse our government officially recognizes the rebels as the real government of Libya. Dont believe me?

Told you. So we are giving control of Libya to a bunch of terrorist, sounds like a great way to avoid a war in the future. Not to mentions these rebels are constantly fighting with each other over control. Giving the rebels control of Libya makes just as much sense as giving the Bloods & Crips control of LA or giving the Mexican Cartels control of Texas and Arizona. Also one thing the media wont talk about is how the rebels kill black libyans. Its some tribal beef, and the arab libyans (who mostly make up the rebels) are going after black libyans. They used the story that "oh these black libyans are mercenaries for ghadaffi". Now they just kill them. Dont believe me?
So were looking at a possible genocide if the rebels get control. Smart thinking. Its only a matter of time before this blows up in our faces. The US stays supporting the wrong horse: Batista, the shah, Diem, Saddam, and countless other now including the rebels. The blowback doesnt look good at all.
Lastly Gadaffi. There are many ways to spell this mans name and I dont know which one is the right one. Gadaffi is a dictator and a jerk, we can all agree on that. The media doesnt tell you that not everyone in Libya hates Gadaffi. Gadaffi reinvest the wealth back into the country & thats why Libya has some of the highest standard of living in that region. They dont tell you that the rebels aint the middle class, because the Libyan middle class was cool with gadaffi, he took care of them. He also tried to nationalize Libyas oil back in 2009. and I personally dont think that sat well with the west, because looking at history, nationalizing oil got Mosedegh overthrown by the CIA in Iran in 1953. This could be the 2011 version of that. I mean Libya is sitting on some of the largest oil reserves in Africa. Gadaffi also was one of the first to issue an arrest warrant for Osama Bin Laden back in the late 90's. I say all that to say this, Gadaffi is a bad guy, sure, but he shouldnt be a concern to the US. We cant afford these wars, and Ron Paul said it best, " we need to mind our business". Now in the short run we might get rid of Gadaffi, but we ultimately destabilized a country, put it in the hands of rebels who are sure to bring about civil war, and did more harm than good. We cant afford to be the global police force anymore. We should of never gotten involved in Libya in the first place. For all the people praising this war, that Obama said "should take days not weeks" four months ago, should be ashamed of yourself. Dont believe what the mainstream media tells you because at the end of the day, they dont know what the hell they are talking back. And Obama's statement on Libya was a joke. He actually said,"But this much is clear. The Gaddafi regime is coming to an end, and the future of Libya is in the hands of its people." ---> now take Gaddaffi and Libya, and replace it with Saddam and Iraq. Sounds familiar to you? sounds exactly like Bush to me...hmmm

Friday, August 12, 2011

KevinsKewlKorner fully endorse and supports Dr. Ron Paul for President in 2012

Most of you all know I absolutely love Ron Paul. He isnt your average politician. He stands firm on what he believe, and he doesnt let public opinion sway his beliefs. He is one of the few politicians whos views and voting record has remained constant and consistent on issues such as the War in Iraq (which he was one of the few who voted NO), the Patriot Act (one of the few who voted NO), in addition to so much more. He was calling for the Fed to be Audited WAY before it was mainstream, and at the time when he looked like a weirdo for saying stuff like that. Bush failed us, Obama failed us, what America cant afford is another 4 years of the status quo. We cant afford to fight & escalate conflicts with other countries that we cant even fiance ourself. We cant afford to give all these greedy bankers who got us in trouble in the first place more money in these shady "bailouts". We cant afford another President who serves the interest of lobbyist over the interest of the masses of people who got him elected in the first place. Insanity is trying the same thing and expecting different results. We tried a republican who happened to be a war monger & in the interest of banks, and we soon got annoyed with him and tried a democrat who did the exact same thing. Why not w try someone different? Ron Paul is that person. He knows his economics, which is more than Obama and Bush can ever say, and on top of that he knows the Consititution. America is one of the greatest countries in the world, and its sad to see that our country is in this type of shape now. Ron Paul isnt mainstream & thats why mainstream doesnt like him. In the debates last night, Ron Paul pretty much won. He did so by saying what he believes, he didnt need to Obama bash or none of that. He also gives it to us straight. He doesnt beat around the bush, he keeps it direct and honest. Ron Paul is beyond that "left vs right/ political wwe" that we see everyday. He brings up real issues, ones that if our government continues to ignore would lead to a long, tough road ahead. Back to the debates, every single poll said he won. Even in a couple polls on Fox News, he lead by at least double of what second place had, but of course fox news deleted that poll and only talks about Romney and Bachman. Even on Yahoo they only mention Romney and Bachman, and dont even mention Ron Paul. Ron Paul is the only winner who the mainstream refuses to acknowledge they won. I have seen countless articles that say Ron Paul is the only real competition for Obama, and yet not even what claims to be conservative media gives him the slightest mention. I could honestly say that if I was old enough to vote in the last election I would have voted for Obama, because I thought he was genuine about what he was saying. As I soon started doing research and looking at what he actually has done I realized he was no different than his predicessor. So this coming election my vote is going for Ron Paul. If you dont know who he is I challenge you to do research. You will agree with him on so much more than you think. Our country is at the point that we cant afford continue this political WWE, but we need to address real issues. Thats why KevinsKewlKorner 100% endorses Ron Paul as President in 2012.

Friday, August 5, 2011

So the US officially lost its AAA credit rating....this isnt good at all

So it's officially here, the United States has lost it's AAA credit rating. Some of you who are frequent readers of this blog have seen me mention how a loss of our AAA credit rating would be detrimental to our economy. So after this whole BS with the debt ceiling we finally lost it. Our AAA credit rating pretty much allows us to borrow money from other countries, because are good for the money and would pay them back. Losing our AAA credit rating is pretty much saying we aren’t good with money and if you loan money to us, we suck at paying you back. Let me briefly stop for a moment and share a few thoughts about the whole debt ceiling fiasco. It was all political WWE. Both sides put up a convincing act that most of the general public ate up completely. In the end the bill mentioned 2.5 trillion dollars in spending cuts. Meanwhile I have read in many articles that in order to save our credit rating they need to have at least 4 trillion dollars in cuts. It doesn't take a genius to realize 2.5 isn't 4 and would never be 4. We could easily make 4 trillion in cuts. Cut defense, particularly cut funding for all these wars and "kinetic military actions" as Obama likes to put it, that the US are involved in & bring the troops home. Then audit the Federal Reserve, pentagon and treasury who are responsible for trillions of dollars going "missing" and haven't been investigated. Next cut foreign aid. I don't care if they're Israel or Egypt; we shouldn't give them money if we as a country are beyond broke. That little plan of mine could easily help our economy. Anyway back to the AAA credit rating situation. People like Ron Paul warned us that this would happen & he's right. The sad part is the general masses don't care about this type of stuff until it hits their pockets personally. Because we lost our good credit rating things are going to change & not for the better. Pensions are in jeopardy, government student loans interest rates are going to be jacked up, and so much other fun stuff. Sounds fun huh? If our economy is a roller coaster, it's quickly headed for the bottom. Shoutout to Obama, Bush, greedy bankers, lobbyist, wars, the thieves in the Federal Reserve and all the countless others who made today possible. Thank you for absolutely destroying our economy :) When 2012 comes around my vote is going for Ron Paul. This is just one more sign that our nation is in need of a revolution both politically and in our thinking overall. We're in a time where ignorance is deadly

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