Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Today is KevinsKewlKorners One Year Anniversary !!!!!

So by reading the title you can tell that one year ago today a great blog was started lol. If your saying to yourself, "which blog is this?" you can kiss my grits (sorry for the vulgar language). This year has gone pretty fast, and it has been a pretty good year. Not many bloggers can say that they been viewed in over 100 countries worldwide, and nominated for an award in their first year of blogging. Let me quickly update you on the results of the BlackWeblogAwards. As many of you know I was nominated & a finalist in the Best Teen Blog category. Long story short, I lost to Reading in Color. It was a bummer, but Ill live. Sometimes great things don't win awards. Denzel Washington lost to Al Pacino in the 1992 Oscars for Best Actor, Saving Private Ryan lost to Shakespeare in Love. The Town wasnt even nominated for Best Picture. As you can tell by my various movie/oscar references, sometimes great things dont win the awards. That being said I want to thank everyone who voted for me, supported me, and even the few who trashed me. Its been a pretty good year blogging wise & I hope to keep blogging for many more (wow that line was so cheesy...ugh. I really sound like I have no life huh? lol) Seriously though, Thanks again

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