Friday, July 15, 2011

This Levi Aron case really bothers me

If you have been living under a rock for a few days you might not have heard of what happened in NY a couple days ago. Levi Aron is arrested and charged with killing and dismembering 8 year old Lieby Kletzky. This case really bothers me. Long story short, the boy was lost and asked him for directions, like any kid lost would do, he pretty much took advantage of the boy. Instead of brining him home, brought him to his house, the kid is reported missing, he panics, smoothers the kid, then chops him up. The creepiest part of the story is when the cops got to his apartment and asked where the boy was & he pointed to the fridge. In the fridge the cops found bloody knives and worst of all the kid's feet. Smothering the kid with a towel is horrible in itself, but chopping him up is pure evil. This dude deserves to die a slow and painful death, or a death period. I read that he's on suicide watch, and i have no problem with that. Jim norton said it best, " thats what they should do if he commits suicide - watch". This dude is a monster. He could of easily dropped the boy home or at the very least just gave him directions and went on his way.  Levi Aron deserves to be in a Nazi death camp. It really bothers me, and if you read whats out about his confession its just chilling.  I hope there's death penalty in NY, because Levi Aron earned a spot on it. For more info check out

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  1. Believe it or not but NY does not have the death penalty! I dont want to say what I think should happen to this man exactly but I hope that whatever NY decides to do with him gives chills to anyone who has ever even considered doing something this horrific to another human, anywhere in the world, but especially in the US.