Tuesday, July 5, 2011

So Casey Anthony is Not Guilty

The verdict in the Casey Anthony trial came today, and the jury came to the decision that she is not guilty. This verdict came to a shock to many. Even people who never followed a min of the case were outraged. Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murder but found guilty of lying. Let me start from the beginning, if you have been living under a rock, Casey Anthony was in court for "allegedly" killing her daughter Caylee and lying about her whereabouts. There was so many screwed up things about the situation including "zany the nanny" and even the heart that was on the tape that was on Caylee's mouth. I thought she was a goner for good. I been tweeting #freecasey for weeks and even liked a Free Casey Anthony fan page on facebook for laughs thinking she was gonna be guilty for sure, but I never expected this verdict. Wow. She really had an amazing group of attorneys. They raised reasonable doubt that ended up getting her off. That’s the legal system we live with. All you need is a reasonable doubt. That being said our legal system is weird as hell. Speaking of which, a lot of people are turning this into a racial thing. All on twitter I seen comparisons to Mike Vick, Plaxico Burress, ect. Let me squash that racial myth right now. Florida is a weird place when it comes to legal matters. Lets take for example NFL wide receiver, Donte Stallworth, he killed a guy while driving drunk and only received 30 days in prison. He’s black. Casey Anthony served 3 years already. That’s more time than Donte served. I think Casey killed her daughter, and even if she didn’t, not reporting her for 30 days is not a good look. Caylee’s grandparents sound like they wouldn’t of minded taking care of her. Casey should have done that. Family reunions in the Anthony household surely are gonna be awkward from now on. I really believe she is guilty. Since she is not guilty the question is still there, if she didn’t kill Caylee who did? That question we would never know the answer too. Also you see a lot of people who want her dead, saying things like “Ill kill Casey Anthony”. Good idea genius. Do it. If you kill her or attack her, you’ll go to jail and she’ll still be free.  The truth of the matter is there’s not much anyone can do. Double Jeopardy protects her from getting tried for the same thing twice. Her sentencing should come around Friday and I wont be surprised if they give her time served, considering the fact she served 3 years already. I think Casey Anthony is a horrible human being. I hope they don’t give her a Lifetime movie, book deal or nothing, and try and capitalize off this situation. Then again it is America, and I wont be surprised if she has a spread in Playboy in the next few months or something. As much as I cant stand her, i dont wish harm on her, but a guilty conscience is not something you can just shake off. In the court of law she was found guilty, but in the court of public opinion however, she is GUILTY as hell.


  1. she got away with murder...its that simple...and it wont bother her about being called killer ...she has no conscience guilty or otherwise...she is a stone cold killer ...dont worry they might convict her when her next child ends up dead...or some lover ...they should have sat that jury in the car where caylee was held and allowed to begin decomposition...then they might have had some feeling for the child and not her killer.

  2. This should be a lesson to all bratty kids out there.

  3. "If you kill her or attack her, you’ll go to jail and she’ll still be free."

    If you attack her, yes you'll go to jail and she'll still be free.

    If you KILL her, then she'll be dead. Not free.

    (I wanted to point that out as it was causing me some cognitive dissonance.)

    In any case, if someone does kill her I'd vote not guilty if I was on the jury :)