Friday, July 8, 2011

David Ortiz sucks at fighting...(my rant on the Ortiz vs Kevin Gregg fight)

So tonight (or yesterday) the Red Soxs were playing Baltimore. They won 10-3, which is awesome, but even in a win you cant cover up the mess that was the David Ortiz/Kevin Gregg fight. Here's the video if you havent seen it.

 Let me preface this by saying Im a Boston Red Sox fan & I always will be. So let me get into this. David Ortiz cant fight for crap. His punches miss more targets than NATO missiles in Libya. He really had no real reason to storm the mound, its not like the ball came at him or his head. How ironic David Ortiz is a "Designated Hitter" who in a fight cant seem to make one hit? If your gonna storm the mound at least do something, gotdamn. David Ortiz needs to leave the fighting to the professionals. David Ortiz is big and is from DR and cant fight?! At least get one punch in. He fights as good as an armless kid with down syndrome. The only connection worse than David Ortiz fist to face connection is AT&T's iphone service connection. Im happy the brawl (I use that term loosely) was bench clearing because it covered up that embarrassment fast. Its like a kid pissing his pants and the teacher running and covering him with a towel. The bench clearing was that towel that covered the piss stain known as the David Ortiz/Kevin Gregg fight...And that concludes my mini rant 

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