Friday, June 24, 2011

My mini review of Book of Mormon

I saw the Book of Mormon the other day and I love it. I absolutley HATE musicals. The songs annoying to me, that wasn't the case here. The Book of Mormon is a play about two young Mormons: Elder Kevin Price (played by Andrew Rannells) and Elder Cunningham (played by Josh Gad) , who get sent to be missionaries in Uganda. When they get there they realize it's not what they expected at all. The story was really good, and the characters in it are amazing. From the title The Book of Mormon you can get the hint that religion, specifically the Mormon faith, is the target of Matt, Trey and Lopez. It's weird because it's not like there totally trashing it, but they seem to make fun of it while at the sane time showing respect towards it. It's really hard to explain. There were one or two small things I didn't really care for. One of the songs *no spoilers* is translated to something kinda crazy, and when I found out what it was my face looked exactly like the two young mormon's face at that moment. The song is catchy though. That bring said I know this is coming from Matt and Trey and since I'm a fan of South Park and Team America, I know that's what they do. They poke fun of things, religions, races, ect without any discrimination. The moments I didn't care for were few and far between. Anyway switching gears. Lets talk about the music. Whats a musical without music? Anyway the music was awesome. If your a fan of South Park, Team America, and other Matt & Trey stuff you'll know they put a lot of songs in their stuff. This play is no different. The songs are fun, hilarious, and catchy as hell. I loved some of the songs so much that I had to get them off of ITunes. "Man up" might be my favorite song on the soundtrack by far. Also everyone did an amazing job. One person who I haven't mentioned yet is Nikki M. James who killed it. I forgot how to spell her characters name, but she did a great job. The Book of Mormon was funny and overall was incredible. 

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