Friday, June 17, 2011

I dont get why Black people dont like Hockey

So as many of you know the Boston Bruins just won the Stanley cup. They came in the underdogs, and after a intense 7 game series with the Vancouver Canucks, left champions. That night was insane, as a Boston resident and a Bruins fan, I couldnt be more happier for them. As you can see by the topic, i dont understand why black people dont like hockey. Black people really seem to have an interest in hockey, but that changed a bit a few days ago. A bunch of black people I know said on twitter/facebook, "finally watching my first hockey game" and stuff like that. The Bruins broke a few records that night they won the cup, and one of which was they broke the record of the number of black viewers. As I mentioned I live in Boston, we have the Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, but it seems like the red-headed step child of Boston sports is (or at least was) the Bruins. Not to say that the Bruins dont have fans, they have a huge fan base, but it doesnt seem to get everyone as a whole. Now that I'm done babbling here's why I dont get why black people dont like hockey.

1. Hockey has fights
Lets be honest, black people love watching fights. Black people love watching fights that involve anything from UFC fighters to random bums. Hockey has more fights than hoodrats at a BBQ, they fight all the time. In other sports if you fight you get ejected, in hockey you pretty much go on "time-out" and come back out. Also the refs, sometimes seem to just let people fight. Refs in other sports are like the security team on the Jerry Springer show and break up fights as soon as they look like they are about to get good. Also this reason leads into the number two reason why I dont understand why black people dont like hockey.....

2. Its mostly white people doing it
Hockey is one of the few sports you actually see two white guys just hit each other on a regular basis. Theres hockey, rugby (which black people are getting hip too), and boxing/mma. Hockey is one of the sports where you can see white guys go crazy in a way where no people are killed. Black people have a thing where we like seeing white people do stupid stuff. We already know we have crazy people aka hoodrats, but we just like seeing that white people have their own group of crazy hard hitters too. Why o you think black people like watching stuff like Jackass, and stuff like 16 and pregnant. Simple, because they show a bunch of white girls getting pregnant. If they showed a bunch of black people, then it would just be everyday life, but its something about seeing white people do stuff to make us feel that we are all crazy on some level. Just seeing two white guys take off the gloves, square up, and bang it out alone would get black people even more interested in hockey. Yeah there are a few black guys in the NHL, one of which I would never root for, PK Subban. Not only is he a douche (very talented but a douche nonetheless), but he plays for the Bruins rival, the Montreal Canadiens. The only way I would ever root for him is if he joins the Bruins squad. Other than that, this aint black history month, this is Boston & we take sports pretty seriously.

Those are the two main reasons that come to mind when it comes to why I dont get why Black people dont like Hockey. Feel free to comment, also suggestions are always welcome. By the way if you voted for my blog to win in the Best Teen Blog category in the Black Weblog Awards I thank you, regardless if I win or lose (although I prefer to win) I thank you for all your interest, feedback and support in making this blog awesome.

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