Sunday, May 15, 2011

You want the Truth? You cant Handle the Truth

Everywhere I go I constantly see stuff about "keepin it real", "keepin it 100", and being real and not fake. This message is all well and good, but let's be honest, no one wants real people. The thought of real people is cool, but real people are honest, and people nowadays seem to have a huge problem with honesty. They like it when it's about others, but absolutely hate it when it's directed their way. No one likes to be called out on their nonsense, but don't seem to mind it when someone else is being called out on theirs. I can honestly say that if I decided to be honest with some people that would end friendships. Not because of any fault of mine, simply because they cant handle the truth. Honesty is the atomic bomb that can destroy any relationship or friendship. I really believe people cant handle honesty because of one main reason, and that is because they are insecure. People believe that they are "real" and have an issue when people call them out on it. People just aren’t honest with themself. Hitler said," A lie repeated often becomes the truth", and people lie to themselves saying that they are real and can handle honesty, when in all actuality they can't. The purpose of honesty is for you to correct your mistake, and change. How do you expect someone to change the fact that they stink if you never tell them? How do you expect anyone to change if you don't ever bring it to their attention? The thing that I noticed is the population of "real" people is low. You could even say that "real" people are an endangered species. I can garuntee you that 89% of the people who claim to be real are anything but. I'll prove it in an example.  Put all the "real" people on a train car, and sprinkle a few people who have open zippers and boogies obviously in their nose. I can put money that out of a train car full of supposed "real people" maybe 2 would actually say something. I seen it happen, and I was the only one who told the person about it. Other people would look at the dude with the boogie in his nose and laugh, or at the very least judge him or whatever in their mind. Its pretty sad when you think of it. When I was younger I wanted a Hot Shot transformer action figure. I got it and decided I didn't really like it anymore (Also around that same time I got Optimus and Bumblebee). That being said honesty is like that Hot Shot transformer action figure. Many of us think we want it, until we actually get it. So I'll end this by saying first learn to be honest with yourself. You can't expect yourself to take honesty if you built yourself up on lies. Also know that honesty isn't coming from a place to attack you, but to help you change for the better. Lastly don't claim to be real, when you really are fake. That's false advertising.

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