Sunday, May 15, 2011

So someone left me an anonymous trashing...

People if you hate me and my blog feel free to let me know. I dont mind a good trashing, just dont do it anonymously. You can DM me on twitter @ClassClownKJL, post your hate on my blog's fan page on facebook(or my personal page if I have you as a friend). Im not really a fan of hating in the comment section, because I rarely if ever see it. Im from Boston, where being thick skinned is a must. Why do you think I have it on open comment? Hate doesnt bother me in the slightest, but anonymous hate annoys me. If you wanna see it (the trashing) go to the Osama dead post and look at the comments. One thing I did get out of the trashing is I need to really clarify my post before I put it up. I respect your opinion and your honesty regardless if you love or hate my blog (or even me for that matter). That being said dont hate anyomously. Lastly if you hate me so much, feel free to let me know on the "I Hate Kevin Lilly" fan page

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