Sunday, May 15, 2011

I been meaning to update that Osama post for a while now

There is no question that the Osama post is the weakest post on my blog thus far. If you want the real honest truth, all that is is a bunch of my initial thoughts, and that whole post is pretty much all my facebook statuses that I had the night of Osama's killing. It was lazy of me, and I decided to clarify and update a few things. I believe Osama is dead. I have a hard time believeing the stort that was told. The official stoory that night went something like this:
Navy seal teams went in, Had a 40 min gun fight with Osama and his people, Osama used his wife as a human shield, and it ended with him getting shot in the eye.

Then the story was soon changed to:
Seals went in, Osama was unarmed, didnt use his wife as a shield, got taken away and got shot shortly after.

They cant even get their story straight. Even that picture in BS. You know that picture with Obama and his team in the war room allegidely looking at the Osama killing on a big screen live. Well it came out that they wernnt watching anything. According to a dailymail article:'
CIA director Leon Panetta said the live feed from helmet-mounted cameras worn by the Navy Seal team was cut off as they stormed the buildings in Abottabad.

A photograph of U.S. President Barack Obama, defence staff and aides in the situation room was released by the White House, appearing to show them anxiously watching as the mission unfolded.
But in reality they knew little of what was taking place in the fortified compound during the 38 minutes it took the Navy Seals to complete Operation Geronimo.
In an interview with PBS, Mr Panetta said: 'Once those teams went into the compound I can tell you that there was a time period of almost 20 or 25 minutes where we really didn't know just exactly what was going on.
Read more:

I believe Osama has been dead, and I belived this ever since I seen this video two years ago
She was the Prime Minister of Pakistan for goodness sake. She knows whats going on in her country. Also how can a 6 foot something, guy with bad health just move into a compound next to a military base (which is similar to West Point) and she doesnt know about it? I really believe that the United States is trying to start something up with Pakistan. Prior to the Osama capture the Pakistani government has been telling the CIA to keep their drones out of Pakistan. Its not because our drones were doing recon work, but because they were killing innocent civilians. This is an article from April 23rd. This is just one story. There are a few others out there talking about innocent civilians getting killed by drones. Also look at the date, this took place BEFORE we killed Osama. So what does that tell you? Attacking a bunch of innocent civilians is an act of war. When that happned on 9/11 we were furious, and we only lost roughly around 3000. Meanwhile so far as a whole this "War on Terror" has killed many times that amount. In Iraq alone, 1 million innocent Iraqi civilians died, due to US intervention. Also there have been articles coming out recently about the US "Kill Teams" that target innocent civilians. We need to get out of the Middle East. There is no purpose for being there, and by staying there we are only escalating a bad situation and making it worse. We are fighting a war on terror, A war on an idea. We dont even have a specific focus and plan for our middle eastern intervention, and while the higher ups are clueless, many good people ob both sides (troops and civilians) are dying. Also dont you think that if a boy sees his innocent dad get killed by a drone or US forces, that he wont want payback? This type of stuff doesnt help the US cause at all and all it does is creates more anti-US sentiment, creates more insurgents, and puts more lives in danger. Lets get back to Osama. We knew that he and others like him were in Pakistan for a long time. I bet many of you have never heard of the "Airlift of Evil"? This happened shortly after 9/11. We knew they were in Pakistan, because we allowed them to go there. So in the end the US government knows a lot more than we are led to believe. Also the burial is suspicious as well, and that is a whole other can of worms. Lets say that the official story is true. Wouldnt it make more sense to capture him alive and torture him to get all the secrets out? He is the number one terrorist right? Also why not just show us the picture? Obama says "thats not who we are". Thats BS. We are the country that sends drones into countries killing innocent civilians. We are a country that has movies and video games glorifying war. Also in the age of the internet you can easily find worse. I mentioned the Kill Teams. Well you can find the pictures here , and if that doesnt disturb you, you really arent human. I dont get how a picture of a dead Osama would cause all this outrage when you can easily find pictures and in certain cases video of yound children being slaughtered. Also are we supposed to believe that he was just in that compound for years and the US had no idea? We have some of the best intelligence personnel in the world. They can find you in more ways than one. How can Osma have a laptop and cable and not get tracked or whatever? We are in a time where out government can track us with our cell phones (see telecommunication act of 96), how can they not find a terrorist on a laptop? That must mean Osama is very smart and our intelligence is very dumb, which isnt the case at all. I am tight on time, so I will go into what I see happening in the future. Now that Osama is gone we need another leader to step up and be the "face of terror", in order to maintain the current status quo (wars, patriot act, ect)  I believe that new face will be none other than anwar al-awlaki. Anwar was the alleged mastermind behind the Ft Hood Shooting, the Underwear Bomber, ect. The thing is Anwar has some connections with our government. Why would I say something like this? He was dining at the Pentagon months after 9/11. Ask yourself, why would you let a terrorist come and eat and chill in the pentagon? Heres the story WhatI believe will happen is that there will either be another terrorist attack or even (most likely) another attempt, and that will be blamed on Anwar and they will some how find some way to blame Pakistan. They might say something like "This is revenge for Osama's killing" or something like that. That would soon bring us into another war. A war with Pakistan is not something you want to do. Pakistan's army is nothing to play with, also they have nukes and even worse they have China in their corner. China and Pakistan have an economic partnership and that no doubt will spill over in a possible war situation. That being said this is just what I believe. No doubt that there are tons of fishy things about Osama's death, and some of which we would never know.
UPDATE 5/18: It looks like a war w/ Pakistan is in the works. Today Nato Helicopters attacked a Pakistan military outpost, wounding 2 soldiers. . I hope our government stops this foolishness, because the last thing we need is to put more lives at risk for another senseless war. 

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