Sunday, May 29, 2011

Brief update

So I have been slacking recently when it comes to updating my blog. I been so busy the past few weeks working and trying to find another job, because college  gonna pay for itself. Anyway Im gonna try my best to update more consistently, and stuff like that. It seems like although I been gone, my views still go up. This blog is 2-3 countries away from being viewed in 100 countries! The crazy thing is how some people come across my blog. On my blog is shows me keyword searches and shows me how people come across my blog. While most are normal, there are some crazy ones. Someone was searching up the term "9 year old pussy" and somehow found my blog. Someone else was looking up "jizz for young people". Pretty creepy huh? Also if you haven't heard my blog was nominated in the "Best Teen Blog" in the BlackWeblog Awards. I would appreciate your vote. You can vote here . Thank you to all who did, and thank you in advance to all who are going too. (Am I boring you with this lame update? of course I am) Finally if you have any beef, complaints, suggestions, love, death threats or whatever you can post them either on the blog's facebook page or you can hit me up directly on twitter!/ClassClownKJL (btw please don't take a majority of my tweets seriously, I am a very sarcastic person and some people still don't seem to get that smh)

Before I forget, I am thinking about doing something new. If you have an opinion, are funny, or at very least interesting and wanna write something that you want posted on my blog, feel free to let me know

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