Sunday, April 3, 2011

So Charlie Sheen got booed off stage....I told you he was done

What did I tell you? Charlie Sheen Jumped the shark at sheen's korner, and I dont think he'll ever get back where he was. So if you havent heard, last night was Charlie Sheen's "Torpedo of Truth" tour. I just never it was gonna be awful because lets face it, Charlie sheen is neither funny or entertaining unless he has either writers or is on drugs. He did a plaxico burress move and shot himself in the foot. Overexposure is a career killer. If Charlie would of just chilled after those first few interviews, he might of went down as an instant legend. Granted I know he has done a bunch of crazy stuff like pull a gun on his girl, beat one, and other stuff, but it seemed like the public was willing to let those past shenanigans go because he was entertaining them. Its weird how fickle our society is, but I digress. Now he has neither so what else do you expect? So anyway his ToT tour kicked off in Detroit, and it got received as well as an armless man playing Wide Receiver. It was a disaster. I dont even feel sorry for the people who got tickets, because they deserve it. If you spent 47-109$ to see an unfunny boob, you deserve every bit of his sucking. This is not a good look for Charlie AT ALL. Getting Booed off in the first show isnt really a great kickoff for the future stops. For example he is scheduled to make a stop in Boston soon, and Boston crowds are BRUTAL. The only place with worse crowds is Philly. Last time I checked Charlie Sheen is no Bill Burr, and cant turn a crazy crowd.

Charlie has as much stand up experience as Stephen Hawking has jumprope experience. His show sounds like a waste of money. Poor Detroit though, First they have to deal with their crappy Lions, then their crazy unemployment rate, their heavy crime rate, and now to top it off Charlie Sheen just went in and debuted his abortion of comedy on stage. Call this what you want, but Charlie Sheen is officially #NotWinning. By the way its funny how before Charlie Sheen jumped on stage, on twitter he said he is getting ready to preform in the most "honest city", and I guess if the most "honest city" dont like him, the rest of his tour is going to be a living hell.
 Heres a link to a review about his show:

Heres a review of the dabacle called the Torpedo of Truth Tour

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