Friday, April 1, 2011

Random Entry: Mean April Fools Jokes

I was bored so throughout the day I was  coming up with some examples of just Mean April Fools jokes, that would be kinda awesome to pull off. April Fools to me is a day where corny people OD with their jokes. For crazy people like me, we dont need a day to act crazy. We simply act crazy whenever. So without further a due, here are a quick list of some of the "Mean April Fools" Jokes that came to my head

- Buying a deodorant from 7/11 and giving it to the cashier at 7/11 because he's musty
-Giving a homeless person Monopoly money
- Bringing Fantasia, and R Kelly to a library 
(get it? cuz they cant read lol)
-Getting Rihanna "Punch Out" for the Wii
- If when Gary Coleman gets to heaven (if hes there at all) there is a sign that says "You must be at least this tall to get in", and gary misses it by an inch
-Sending Michael Vick 101 Dalmatians
-A girl coming home and her mom asking "how was your day" and the girl replies " it was bad I missed a period.." and before she gets a chance to add "...on my history paper..April Fools", her mom might be on the floor having a heart attack
-if the government tells people "oh welfare checks dont come out today"...April Fools, but they wont even get the word April out before a riot breaks out
- A pregnant lady says to her partner, "This baby aint yours, its (insert name here)"...and before the words "April Fools" come out someone is gonna get hurt

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