Friday, April 22, 2011

One thing on my mind: People really need to be real with themselves

Everyone claims to be cute and stuff and no one wants to claim that they might actually he ugly. Some of these people conduct themselves with an attitude like there a 10 when there looks make them a average or even way below it. I keep it real with myself, I'm an average looking dude. I would give myself a 6.5-high 7(and my personality and humor gives me brownie points). So if it were a report card i would have a C+, and thats good enough to pass. In prison I might be a 10, but since I have no intention of getting locked up to find that out, I'll just stick with my 7 lol. As you can see I know where I stand on the matter. Yes I will admit I make some ugly people jokes, but that bring said I also make fun of myself all the time. Hell, I even made a "I Hate Kevin Lilly" facebook page straight roasting myself. I dont care.  I hate when I see an ugly person make fun of another ugly person. When that happens I wanna just start roasting the one making jokes. An ugly person making fun of another ugly person is like a cripple making fun of how another cripple walks. Some people act like they never saw themselves in the mirror before. Lets be honest, some people dont deserve to EVER put down anyone else. So in conclusion be honest with yourself, and evaluate yourself before you make fun of others. There’s nothing wrong with having confidence, but confidence can quickly turn to cockiness. Last thing, If God made everyone in his own image, is there truly such thing as an ugly person

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