Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I really hate these retarded ways people "spread awareness"

Day of SilenceI really can't stand a lot of things we as Americans do to "Spread Awareness". I will describe two ones that just irk me. So on my school Friday, they will be having a "Day of Silence". This "Day of Silence", is exactly what it sounds like, it's students and some faculty being silent to "spread awareness" about the negative aspect of LGBT bullying. I have to admit I think the idea itself is stupid. So let me get this straight, your planning on spreading awareness, by saying nothing? That sounds dumb. If someone ask them, "why are you silent", it's not like they can actually explain to them why they are doing this, and if people don't know what your doing then the goal of spreading awareness is pretty much screwed(for lack of a better word). Also since they are silent what can they do if they do come across someone getting bullied? Can they SPEAK UP and say something to stop it? Or can they not speak up because they have to stay loyal to the cause? Oh well, a good thing is some kids who have to present in one of my classes took the vow of silence and now one of my classes is canceled. Yaay!!!!  Another thing I hate is the retarded "color" thing. Like "wear Red for Japan","wear black for the jena six", ect. I think all of it is shenanigans. The most recent one was "wear purple to support LGBT kids and protest bullying". I don't see how wearing a color shirt is magically going to stop bullying. I really think it's worth more to actually stop bullying than to wear a color shirt to say you "care". Oh and before I forget, remember the whole thing on Facebook where people would change their profile picture to their favorite cartoon to protest child abuse. I felt this was so stupid. How the hell is a profile picture magically going to stop a kid from getting hit? Is a child abuser going to get ready to give a kid a knuckle sandwich, go on facebook, see the cartoon profile pics, and say,"omg, these cartoon pics make me not want to abuse a child"? Nope, they are going to do it regardless. Some people actually argued with me that this would make a difference. I even got into it and put Robin get beat to death by Joker as my profile picture. I wonder if a cartoon of child abuse would actually stop child abuse. Let me see if it worked...hang on...nope, sorry the profile picture change hasnt stopped child abuse. I hate child abusers, and if I had my way child abusers would get beaten and raped in jail. Some seems to me that after all the great protest and change by MLK and a bunch of others, people want to feel like they are making a difference, but they really aren't. Being silent, wearing a color, and changing a Facebook profile picture aren't going to make a change. Only YOU can make a change. Treat others with respect and love your neighbor. Change starts with you.

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