Monday, April 18, 2011

A funny story involving my Dad and some Cape Verdians

(This story took place early in the wee hours of the morning while I was sleeping)
Some of you would get a kick out of this story because you know who my dad is. If you dont know Ill paint a quick picture. Hes a big dude. When I say big I dont mean fat, I mean big. Hes been working out way before I was born. Heres a picture of him at the UFC fan expo months ago when it was here in Boston. Anyway back to the story this was about 5 in the morning. I usually wake up and get ready to head to class around 6. My dad is one of those type of people who sleeps but can hear EVERYTHING.. So he heard a weird noise coming from outside. He looked and saw that there were two Cape Verdians trying to break into our car. He made it down the stairs and out the door with a speed that would make Usain Bolt look slow. Once the two dudes trying to break into the car saw my dad storm out the house, they froze up and then proceed to started running. So these dudes had a "head start" in a way. My dad bolted through the yard, hoped the fence and started chasing them. He pretty much was yelling at them, "You ************* come back here!" Although these two idiots were dumb, they weren't retarded. They knew if my dad would of caught up to them he would of messed them up. So he chased them almost down the street, and one had flip flops on (clearly he wasnt expecting to have to fun for his life early in the morning, i guess this was a learning experience lol) So the one who had flip flops on, lost his flip flops and continued to run down the street barefooted. They barley out ran my dad, but he just grabbed the dudes flip flops and threw them down the storm-drain. From that point on no situation like that ever happened again. My dad is awesome..nuff said 

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