Sunday, March 20, 2011

US in a war with Libya because we need to defend human rights...give me a break

So it looks like the Us is officially in war with Lybia. Another war we can't afford, that actually isn't a war because Congress hasn't declared war. The last time congress declared war was world war two, and we had how many wars since then? Obama is making it seem like we are helping the Libyan people. What a big liar. Gadaffi is a dick, that goes without saying, and he kills his own people, but why do we care? Let's be honest, americans don't care about Africans killing each other. Where were the US army during Rwanda, Darfur, and Congo genocide? 5 million people died in Congo alone and half of America don't even know what happened. Why didn't we intervene there? People died, oh wait they have no oil...silly me. 
*Since we are now the worlds police let's invade Yemen and bahrain. They machine gun their own people.
*Or let's invade Saudi Arabia, cuz they behead Christians all the time.
*Or let's airstrike Israel cuz they do organ harvesting on the Palestinians 

Also since when is it cool to work with the enemy? I thought we got involved in the middle east to STOP al-Qaeda, not work with them?

Lastly lets even go right here in America. Many war protesters were arrested for protesting without a permit? But Hillary Clinton is out there saying "The US is standing with (insert group here) protesters" because we are for democracy, and yet when people want to have a peaceful protest it gets squashed lickity split. I hate this hypocritical double standard in this country. We only support democracy when its convenient for us. Other than that we dont care, and its pathetic. Obama SUCKS.

 Hey Obama, since you wanna go protect human rights , go after these countries. Israel, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Bahrain, China, and a few other of those dictator filled countries. Oh wait, jeez i keep forgetting...There our allies, so they could kill all the people they want....whoops...

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