Monday, March 14, 2011

Update on the situation in Japan, my thought on a few charities, and one thing some americans do in this country I HATE

UPDATE 3/14: I was wrong when I said the the nuclear plants safely shut down. There is one that is in a really bad position. The nuclear plant in Fukushima is near a potential meltdown. This meltdown has the ability to top Chernobyl. Not only would the damage destroy and effect Japan, but the radiation could be carried by the wind across the pacific, and has the ability to reach California in around a weeks time. Also lets keep in mind that there are a bunch of islands and countries that exist between Japan and California in that Pacific region. From what Im hearing, the best advice (if you are in Japan) would be to get as far away from Fukushima as possible, and also see what direction the wind is going so you can try to avoid it (in the likely event that a meltdown does take place and radiation starts to spread). Also theres some iodine thing you can take ONCE EXPOSED TO RADIATION, but I forgot the details of it. If you take it before it would result in serious health problems.

That being said Im still praying for Japan, and also am seeing if I can donate money to organization like    All Hands Volunteers, and stuff like that. While Im talking about Charities let me say this one thing. I dont trust a few of the big charities like Red Cross and United Way. They have been caught on a few occasions stealing most of the donation money, and using not even half to actually help its intended group. Heres one article if you dont believe me
So now you see why I dont trust them. They do some good work, that cant be argued, but it seems like there in the "Misery Business" (and Im not talking about Paramore). These charities are making money based on the guilt of some and the misery of others, and I dont think its right at all. 

Lastly So from what I heard today was "wear red for japan day" or something like that. Most of you already know my hatred for the "wear (insert color here) to support (insert cause here)" type of thing. It might be the most idiotic way of thinking your making a difference. Some people in Japan right now dont even have enough clothes to have a selection to even have a "color of the day". I hate when people are convinced they are making a difference. Are you? Are YOU really? Is that red helping to clean up and bring aid to the newly homeless Japanese? (NOPE) is wearing red going to stop Japan from a nuclear meltdown? (NOPE) is wearing red going to help a child cope after losing their parent? (NOPE). You get the picture. I hate it. Actions are all that matters

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