Thursday, March 3, 2011

So it looks like the US might invade Libya after all for "humanitarian" reasons, but my thing is since when did we get a heart all of a sudden

I was on yahoo last night, and I came across a story about how the US has warships ready to intervene, to provide "stability" in Libya. are going with the excuse that this is an "humanitarian" issue. My question is since when did our government care about people? Lets see. The US has been supporting dictators who kill their people for years. Do names like Pinochet,  the shah, Mubarak, Diem, Pol Pot, Batista sound familiar? Well they should. These are dictators who were supported by this country because they supported our interest, meanwhile they get away with slaughtering their own people. Also switching gears for a second, Saddam killed a bunch of his own people, but I dont think that many people know that ever since we've been in Iraq there are over 1 million dead Iraqis. Dont believe me, heres an article to a huffington post article We not only put our troops in harms way ,but we also put many innocent civilians in harms way also. Also if the United States government were as dedicated to human rights, why not do one simple gesture and amuse the world and join the ICC (international criminal court)? They wont and never would and you know why? because we all know that governments dont value human life at all, the only thing they value is the money and resources it gets them. I love this country, but I hate the fact that we are putting our troops and innocent civilians in harms way time and time again, for what? Libya looks like it really is about the oil because there was no talks of intervening when it came to revolts in Tunisia, Egypt and even Iran, but I think that because Libya is sitting on a gold mine with their oil reserves that has something to do with it. If our government wants something instead of using our troops, they should gear up and go fight themselves. If they believe in something so strongly then they should have no problem actually gearing up, getting a weapon and getting deployed to fight for it right?

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