Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ENOUGH WITH CHARLIE SHEEN: Im off the bandwagon

I think that Charlie Sheen hype has reached it's peak, and is only going downhill. To understand why I say this lets go back to the beginning shall we? *Insert flashback music here* I usually listen to Alex Jones's show and when he announced he was getting an interview with Charlie Sheen, I didn't really listen that day. I thought he (Charlie) was gonna do that usual Hollywood thing and D&D (deny and dodge) questions. Boy was I wrong. That interview was hilarious. And easily can be considered interview of the year. From that point on I was all in(like many others). Then he did a few more interviews that were also pure entertainment. I wasn't one of the people watching to see him fall, but I just loved his honesty and candidness. I admit that I had the #winning thing all over my twitter/Facebook. I admit I , like many others, follow him on twitter. I also admit that I checked out every interview he was in hoping for a laugh, and the ironic thing is I'm not even a Charlie Sheen fan. I loved him in Platoon, but that's about it. I seen Two and a half men once on a plane and I hated it. In my opinion it was so cheesy and corny,but people somehow love it. Anyway this weekend he started to let the hype get to his head and "jumped the shark" with Sheen's Korner. First of all we have beef because he stole the corner with a k thing from me! Lol jk. Seriously Sheen's Korner was PAINFUL. It was so bad. He wasn't funny, and on top of that he clearly has nothing. He actually said "what is your top 5 favorite Charlie sheen quotes?". After watching that you can tell he's getting gassed up on his own hype. If I can summarize that trainwreck in one sentence I would say it was "A gassed up, unfunny, uninteresting Charlie Sheen surrounded with a bunch of yes men". I feel so sorry for those people who bought a Charlie Sheen Winning shirt, because by the time it actually gets to your door Charlie Sheen hype might be a thing of the past. May I remind you that this is a society that stays on one celeb till they get boring and quickly move on to the next one. If Charlie Sheen was smart he would limit his exposure. Too much of anything is destined to get anyone sick. He should read 48 laws of power, especially law 4 which is "say less than necessary". Charlie is trying too hard to be "crazy and off the cuff" like he was in the beginning, but he is failing MISERABLY. I'm officially off the Charlie Sheen bandwagon like Christopher Reeves on a.....never mind. But yeah Charlie lost me, and it's his own fault. He also lost his job, and his kids all due to his own actions. That doesn't sound like winning to me. I bet he is looking back now, and would gladly trade that ustream abortion known as "sheens korner" for his job back on two and a half men. At this point I went from being entertained by him to feeling completely sorry for him...then again why should I feel sorry for him? He has way more money than I have at the moment, he has a million times more followers than I have on twitter, and I wish I had just as much views on my blog like he has views on sheens korner. I just feel sorry for the fact that he is a train wreck waiti

ng to happen, and with all these yes men around him he is destined to fall hard. 

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