Saturday, February 26, 2011

So a report on the feedback I have been getting

So far Im getting nothing but positive feedback, but I have been given a few suggestions and things I could do to make this blog better.

1. Upgrading the blog on a more consistent basis
2. I need to take a little more time editing the post before I post it, because sometimes there are a few post that are filled with a bunch of grammatical errors and stuff.

That's about it. I will take those two things into consideration, and I will work on the second one especially to make sure the post are much more "structured" (for lack of a better word). Nonetheless I want to thank everyone for the feedback. From those who emailed me, commented on the site, or even hit me up on facebook. I believe everything has room for improvement, and I would continue to work towards making this blog better. If you still wanna send me feedback regardless if you love or hate my blog, email me @ I'm glad to hear that everyone loves it, and I will continue to make this blog as awesome as I can. Thanks again
-Kevin Lilly

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