Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Power of the internet

So currently In Egypt there is a huge protest and rebellion going on. One of the numerous reasons this is happening is due to the President Mubarak shutting down the internet in Egypt. The internet is a powerful tool. The internet is a way for you to let your voice be heard worldwide. The ironic thing that many of you dont know about is that they are working on similar legislation here in America. The thing is they arent gonna come right out and say that because they dont want Egypt-style protest here in the Untied States of i mean America.  They know the power of the internet. And although we are given the image of "free speech" the reality is we dont have that here at all. For example look at the Fairness Doctrine, and the recent news about the proposed idea of giving the FCC over the internet. That being said they know that if protest like that breaks out here, that they are ready. They have the sound cannons, trained riot squads and all that all ready. Heres a video of the sound cannons if you aint familiar

In the end, we can learn a lesson from whats going on in Egypt. The lesson is there is a power in your voice, and by shutting down or attempting to make a limit on your voice, your only setting yourself up for a rebellion. Included are a few links of news stories

Here are more articles about the internet "kill switch" bill:

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