Thursday, February 17, 2011

My opinion on the popular myth known as the American Dream....

In the last post I did I mentioned the "American Dream". That might be one of the biggest misconceptions of all time. The American Dream is so weird, and it seems like nowadays you don't even need to put any work in and still come out with the rewards. We have a struggling and nearly non existent middle class, working hard to achieve this "American Dream" and yet we have some random broads who sleep with Tiger Woods who seem to obtain it effortlessly. It's a shame how in society that people who have one(maybe more) nights of sex with a famous person gets to obtain more than someone working multiple jobs. I was on WWTDD (What would Tyler Durden Do...Great site) and they have a story about how Kim Kardashian made 65 million last year. ( What is she famous for? All she did was have a sextape with Ray-J and sleep with Reggie Bush. Is that really worthy of all the fame and attention shes getting? I think not Speaking if which let me discuss athletes and actors and stuff. I LOVE sports and movies, but still how is it that in society we value an actor/actress or athlete over people who make actual difference like doctors, teachers, ect. Think about it all athletes and actors do is stuff we did as kids. We all played sports as kids, it's no big deal, and yet they get millions. If you think about it actors get paid to essentially play "make believe". That isn't right, but I'm not hating on them, they worked hard to get to that point and some do some really good work with their money, but still the fact that we place people who entertain us over people that get results is horrible. If I was having a heart attack on a plane and there were doctors and also an actor who played a doctor, I would much rather want the real doctor to help me. Also while I'm speaking of actors, we put so much money into bad movies, and that money could easily put towards better purposes. If I ruled the world, if someone makes a bad movie they should be required to pay 50% of the budget of the movie to charity and also be required to do 60 hours of community service. That way people would work hard to make good movies and also people are getting help. How will we determine what movie is bad? Easy, any movie that gets lower than a 49% on Rotten Tomatoes. For example Im just gonna come out and say Big Mommas house 3 is going to SUCK. Some say, dont judge a book by its cover, but sometimes my prejudice is right. Look at this and tell me if it looks good? It looks like trash, and yet the people in it get paid more than any teacher, doctor, nurse, ect. 

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