Monday, February 28, 2011

Look what I got!! Another crazy email, thats what!!! :)

Well I was looking into my inbox today and I got the following email:
Hello Dear
My Name is Mrs. Muna Jabur  an Iraqi, I am the wife of Late Prof. Dr. Karim  Jabur  Alghazi, He is the Directorate of Financial
control bureau till his death, I have been sick for 3 and half years now , I am now receiving treatment  in one of  the Hospitals
in Iraq, My cancer has effected my heart ,I am not worried about my illness but worried about my son and  US$5million that we
inherited from my husband which he deposited in Thailand where my son is currently now seeking asylum as a refugee.
I will like you to assist my son to invest this fund in your country to the glory of allah.  I will give you full details regarding
the transaction as soon as you get back to me. Have a nice day and may allah bless you.
Yours Sincerely,
Mrs. Muna Jabur
Kindly reply to my email -

(I get these ALL the time. Wife has cancer, Husband died, no one to give money too although they live in such a poverty stricken country that could use the money much more than a random westerner, who will give me details after I reply, Who has some million dollar amt....Im so used to these scams by now. I just find them interesting how creative the story seems to get every time.)

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