Friday, February 25, 2011

I really think this situation in Egypt and Libya is deeper than we are led to believe

Some people might call me crazy and a conspiracy theorist after this but whatever. Someone said "those who dont know history are doomed to repeat it. I think that the CIA and our government has some role behind these revolutions that are taking place overseas. I believe that it is possible because we have done the EXACT same thing before. Back in the 1950s Mohammad Mossadegh, was the leader of Iran. He made one big error that screwed him up forever. He attempted to nationalize the oil fields in Iran, and in doing so he wouldnt have to be under control of the west when it came to oil. The UK and America wasnt having that one bit and got Kermit Roosevelt in addition to the CIA to start protest which painted Mossadegh as being a cruel and evil leader, and essentially starting civil unrest to get the people revolting. In the end Mossadegh was ousted out of power and replaced with a US puppet leader in the Shah, who ruled the country with an iron fist and did so freely because he was protecting US interest overseas. I am convinced that the same type of thing is going on now. Oil is the currency of the world, so I have no doubt that oil is somehow connected in this situation. Speaking of oil, I have been doing some reading on the situation and it doesnt look pretty. Expect gas prices to sky rocket soon. I even read somewhere that Gaddafi said that if he goes down hes gonna bomb all the oil fields in Libya. Although the US is not really dependent on Libyan oil as much as the UK is, still expect a huge ht coming up. It is more than possible to see 5$ a gallon gas in the near future. Now Im reading about talks to possibly invade Libya. Things happen for a reason, there is definitely some kind of endgame in place. Im going to continue doing some more research on the subject but I am convinced that these recent revolutions have some hidden, sneaky, well planned out, tomfoolery within it

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