Sunday, February 27, 2011

I did a bit of research and I knew there was something fishy about this whole Libya fiasco

Well after doing a bit more research I am now convinced that there is something fishy going on. Lets look at Libya. Its pretty much looking like its going to be Obama's Iraq war. There are talks to invade Libya to remove Gadaffi and restore order, but doesn't that sound similar to the circumstances that led us into Iraq? Lets see...You got an evil dictator (check) that slaughters his own people (check) that doesn't have the US style of "democracy" aka isn't a puppet of the US (check), that happens to have a bunch of oil...hmmmm(check). Let me just stop here for a brief second. Do you know that Libya has the largest oil reserves in Africa? I didn't either till I just looked it up. Now think large scale. We go in under the pretense of "liberating" the people from an evil dictator, although the true goal of this is to get oil. The military industrial complex essentially runs this country and has more power than what the President could ever have. War=money&oil. It seems like they start stuff and plant the seed just to get some crap started that ultimately leads to a conflict. Don't believe me? Well look it up, do you know what kind of weapons Gadaffi is using on his own people? BRITISH AND AMERICAN ONES. Ones that WE gave him, and now were surprised he's acting a fool. Look it up if you think Im lying. The thing is no one would ever let you know this. Gadaffi is evil, but wouldn't be as powerful as he was if it wasn't for the US and UK supplying him with weapons. See what I mean? They are just using the people in Libya as pawns to get the king in check, so it can be easier for the Military Industrial Complex run countries to get them in Checkmate. Its just a big game of chess, and yet people are only focusing on the pawns and not the larger pieces. 
Libyan Oil Stats:
British selling Gadaffi guns:
(these are just the first initial articles that came to mind) 
Heres a news story about the Protest/semi shady dealings from the West

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