Monday, February 28, 2011

An Ex-Hypocrite and proud of it ( I typed this on my itouch so if there are any errors Im sorry)

So I got home from school today, I came home and I had a package waiting for me. In it was the "Ex- Hypocrite" shirt I had ordered from P4CM (big shout-out to them btw). Anyway I am an Ex-Hypocrite and proud of it. That being said there is a story/testimony behind it. I have been going to church pretty much my entire life. And although I was in church didnt mean I was acting like it. I did my own thing, and always had that excuse "Im saved so Im going to Heaven anyway". I was a major hypocrite. I claimed to be a Christian, but always did the exact opposite. Everyone knows that actions speak louder than words, and from my actions you wouldnt know I was a Christian. Recently within the past few months I have been doing some self reflection, and I realized that I was a mess on my way to Hell. So long story short I have gotten so much more serious in my walk with God thanks to my home church (Kingdom Builders Worship Center) in addition to P4CM (PAssion for Christ Movement). I am not perfect. I make mistakes, but thanks to God's grace and mercy and Jesus dying for my sins Im able to get a second chance and not die in my mess.
     I know there are some of you saying, "There is no God" and "God doesnt exist", and although you are entitled to your opinion Im gonna have to disagree. I have seen way to much in my life, and I have seen people changed by the power of God. According to statistics I should be either dead, in jail, a deadbeat dad, or a dropout. By the grace of God I am none of those things. I had a gun pulled on me, but I never been shot at. I have no hood drama, Im not on the wrong side of the law, and the list goes on and on. Speaking of death, there were at least 4 times I could think of when I could have possibly died. If any of those situations happened a bit more differently than they did who knows if I would still even be here today. I know people who came out of situations that I cant even imagine getting out of. For example I had met this Vietnam vet some years back. He was telling me how after he came back from the war he was addicted to Heroin and Cocaine for a long time, and as he put it to me, " If it wasnt for the grace of God I might be dead or strung out on some corner somewhere, but Jesus saved me, and thats why Im alive today". After coming to Christ he has turned his life around, and has been clean and sober for a while now. I also (I forgot how) was talking to this ex-drug dealer who was telling me how he did everything from bag and sell, to even pulling dudes teeth out with pliers who didnt have his money. HE was telling me that after he found Jesus, he walked away from that life and now he has a great job and a loving family. Its tough for people to believe in a God they dont see, but the thing is we have faith and believe in stuff we dont see. For example I always seem to get into arguments with my friends who are Laker fans. As a Celtics fan I dont approve of their shenanigans. One of my friends said " the Lakers are gonna win it (the championship) again this year. Although I disagree and think the Thunder are gonna knock em off, they are believing in something they dont see. The Lakers havent won it yet, my friend is judging them by their track-record (what they did in the past) and what they see now. Thats what I do with God. His track-record is The Bible. And I have seen a lot of stuff to say that he's still doing some big things.
     People have this image of Christians being corny, dry and annoying people. I am anything but. I have a great sense of humor and many of you who either know me in person or read this blog know that. Btw since Im talking about humor, I can tell you that there are some corny and dry Christians, but not all of us are. For example I think the "Good clean Bible jokes" book are some of the most unfunny and corny books EVER WRITTEN. The jokes inside are just not funny. I am also a cool person to be around. Im a human like everyone else, the only difference is I am a Christian who loves Jesus. Because if it wasnt for him I dont know where I could be right now.

Now heres a picture of my in the shirt.I didnt smile because smiling is so not gangster. lol (as if I even care about that garbage) Like it? huh? 

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