Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WTF of the day: LAdy Gaga is making a perfume that smells like cumzees and blood...jeez

So I was reading and so lady Gaga is making a fragrance that she says smells like "blood and semen"...This broad really seems to want attention huh? Who would buy a fragrance that smells like the goings on of a crackhouse? I wouldnt even by that for my worst enemy because if they come around me im not trying to smell the horrid combo of blood and cumzees. Why cant she make it smell like flowers or apples or something normal? NOOO instead she wants to have a perfume that is The first 48 in a bottle...smh. I am all about being different, but jeez she needs a dose of average. If anyone buys this, they deserve to get one POW, right in the kisser!
 The article is right here

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