Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Why I have beef with Haitian Cab drivers

I cant stand Haitian cab drivers...SCREW Em. I have had very bad experiences with them and the thing is I never been in a cab my entire life. This is the big event that started my beef with Haitian Cab drivers. Anyway this story takes place when I was in 7th grade. I had just been able to get back on the school bus. Prior to that I was suspended off the bus for having water balloons and throwing them at people. So anyway I'm getting off the bus. You know how when the bus lets kids off, that flashing stop sign comes out, and that is supposed to tell cars on all sides to stop and wait till the kids cross the street? Well this retarded Haitian cab driver didnt really get the idea of the flashing stop sign, and decided he had more important things to do then wait for a couple kids to safely cross the street. Anyway I get off the bus and start to cross the street and I see a cab coming right at me. I quickly jumped out the way, just in time too. Then without even stopping the driver made a quick turn and sped down my street. I wish I had a rock to throw right at his cab, but I didnt. So yeah the main reason I have beef with HAitian cab drivers is one of them almost ran me over. After that I had minor altercations with them either cutting me off randomly while I drive or just being stupid behind the wheel. Dont get it confused I have no problems wit Haitians, but once they get behind the wheel of a cab, they seem to get possessed by something...As far as I see it my beef is completely justified.

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