Thursday, January 6, 2011

Why I have beef with City Year

The title might have some of you like "Whoa", but Im serious. Let me preface this by saying not all people that work for city year are annoying, but the people in this particular story are. This story takes place in 2nd or 1st grade. I kinda forgot which because I had the same teacher and same classmates for both. Anyway there were two days out of the school week when a few volunteers from City Year came to each classroom and helped out. I dont remeber their names but one was a Puerto Rican guy and a White chick. So on this day we were doing math. I think we were doing something with blocks if I remember correctly. Anyway I look over and over by the window I see this butterfly. I catch it and show it to the City Year people, who then show it to my teacher. My teacher, Ms. Wolf is an annoying retarded old hippy broad. So a few min later I just kill the butterfly. There was no method to my madness, but I just squashed it. So then the CIty YEar saw me, and instead of letting it fly (no pun intended) they people started freaking out and snitched on me to Ms. Wolf. They were acting like I tourtured and beat up some handicap kid. She then pulled me aside and gave me some lecture (her breath smelled so bad). She then got on the phone and called my parents. She then snitched on me to my parents about what I did, and then after she was finished she got off the phone, with a stupid smile she walked over to me and told me "your gonna be in so much trouble".
.....Lucky for me she was talking to my Dad and he could careless. As a matter of fact he started laughing as soon as I got into the car. And that is why I have beef with City Year. They snitched on me

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