Sunday, January 16, 2011

This was a heartbreaker

Im am totally heartbroken and disappointed at the game today. I was so ampted for a Pats win, but i guess you cant always get what you want. I talked so much trash and now I have to put my foot inside my mouth *no pun intended* That being said I HATE THE JETS. I hate the Steelers almost as much, so I guess Im rooting for Rodgers, Matthews and the Packers to take it all... That being said if you think imma stop talking trash about the Jets because of the Pats shellacking you are highly mistaken.....The Pats can do it again last year. Besides im in Boston. We might not have a championship from the Pats, but we still have the Soxs(who got a nasty lineup), Bruins( who are pretty good), and the Celtics( who do well regardless)...So im hopeful. Until then SCREW THE JETS.

* I hope LT trips over a banana peel and breaks his ankle
*I hope Braylon Edwards is doing the dougie in the lockeroom, and does it so wrong that he tears something in his arm...
*I hope some random border patrol guy accidentally thinks Mark Sanchez is illegal and takes him back across the border, and he cant get back into America
*I hope Rex Ryan takes one wiff of his wifes stinky feet and goes into a coma.
*I hope one of Antonio Cromarties Baby mommas get pregnant and the one who knocked her up was the Patriots mascot
*I hope next time one of the coaches from the Jets sideline decides to stick his knee out, that some ref just looks at him and kicks him as hard as he can in the other knee (3 stooges style)

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