Saturday, January 8, 2011

The stupidest thing I ever did for two dollars

I have done some stupid stuff in my lifetime, but this easily tops the list. One time I was chillin doing something in my house and I hear my younger brothers laughing in their room. I walk in and my brother is trying to get my other one to try these peppers he got from his job. My other brother wasnt having it and pretty much refused. Then he asked me to try it. I said no, so we had a bet. For a whopping amount of 2 dollars. All I have to do is eat the pepper and I get the money. Sound easy enough right? So thats what I did. I ate it, and i collected my money. I didnt feel anything. 20 seconds later im running and screaming around my house. (it was embarrassing for a ninja of caliber to act like that). The pain was so intense.My taste-buds felt like the Vietnam jungle after they put napalm and agent orange on it. I drank 4-5 cups of water, had 2 strawberry milks (cuz regular milk sucks) and I even ate a piece of bread...none of it seemed to work. Long story short my mouth proceeded to burn for the next 15-20 min, and no matter what I tried that painful tingling didnt go away. I later found out that I had eaten the 2nd hottest pepper in the world, the Red Savina. In the top 10 list of retarded things Kevin has done, this is hands down is in the top 3.

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