Sunday, January 23, 2011

So Update to the Old lady's whoopsydaisy story

So today she gave me a call. It couldnt of come at a worser time. At that time I was cleaning the bathroom. I saw a number I didnt recongize and I figured it had to be her. So I picked up and said hello, and little did I know that was gonna be one of 5 words I would say throughtout the entire 15 min phonecall. Anyway she told me thank you again and said I was her gaurdian angel, and how she went to the ER and she found out she had a broken collarbone. I was typing while she was talking. This might of been the most epic phonecall of 2011. The only way someone could possibly top this if some one calls me and tells me that they are pregnant with my baby (which would NEVER happen) or if terrorist call and tell me they have my freedom hostage (which would NEVER happen). Anyway since im kinda lazy ill just copy and paste what I typed as the actual phone call went down. Keep this in mind the entire phone call was 15 min.

"shes still going......and going......., and she told me when i have a graduation, she would take me out to eat (oh boy... :/ ) now shes telling me about the history of mlk day and how shes a democrat, and now shes thinks i have a contact with obama.....and now shes telling me about how she hates republicans.....i wanna hang up, but that would be shes telling me all her personal idelogoies.......and shes telling me about the history of the cia......and now shes giving me a history shes talking about nixon and the pentagon papers.... jeez this lady needs some shes talking about shes talking about shes telling me how she came from germany in 1952 during the cold war and how the us troops helped her out, and about how there was marshal law, and how the troops gave her chocolate....and now shes talking about the mafia.....i only said 3 words in this
w shes crying reminiscing about martin luther king jr.......and its done.......she started crying and told me "if people are republican or right wingers stay away" i wanted to tell her i was one just to mess wit her, but shes crying so that would be mean....(FYI I am an independant/political atheist)" 

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