Wednesday, January 19, 2011

So i just got robbed earlier today, but Im still here (God is good)

So I was on my way home from school. Im tired as hell. So anyway I got off the train and I was on my way home. All of a sudden these two dudes are walking besides me. I think nothing of it. Then one of them ask if I have a smoke. I tell them no i dont and keep it moving. Then the tall guy wearing all red with bad teeth looks at me and ask me "where Im from?" Since I live in the hood Im privy to these shenanigans and dont answer because I know that it might lead down a bad road. Then he comes in front of me, and his friend comes behind me. The guy in red then flashes the gun on his waist and tells me , "Give me everything". I then give him my mp3 player, which ironically stinks anyway. Also the funny thing is I was listening to one of the P4CM sunday sermons, so if the dude gets saved then at least something else good came out of it lol. So anyway he ask me do I have anything else, so I said my itouch and gave it to him. For those of you who read my blog you know the story about my itouch and how its pretty much broken, not to mention I have a password on it. He then ask me do I have cash, I say no. Then he says dont lie to me. So I gave him the little 8 dollars I had in cash. He then says "good looks" and walks off. In my opinion that might of been the dumbest robbery EVER, i mean he got nothing. The only thiing that might be useful is the 8 dollars in cash, other than that everything is passworded up. God is beyond good. Im still alive. I managed to keep them distracted with my itouch and mp3 player, that I used my wit and kept my phone. I also got my wallet (with my debit card), my macbook, and my textbooks still on me. An ipod and mp3 player are replaceable (not to mention I moved EVERYTHING from them over to my mac last week, just in case i should ever lose it)...So in the end I got robbed, but Im still alive, didnt lose anything really worth it, and most importantly am still alive.. God is Good

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