Sunday, January 9, 2011

Please help me spread the word...of kkk (kevinskewlkorner)

I need  some help with getting the word out there. Im doing pretty good, but it could be so much better. I have a bunch of stupid plugs I used, and feel free to copy and paste them to get the word out... Please and thank you :)

Man: Honey I want a divorce. Not only you cant cook, but you also dont share my interest. I like and if u dont like it leave
Wife: -tears- Ok, ill check it out, give me one more chance
-days later-
Therapist: So you guys have found a common ground to save your marriage, what is it?


stranger: hey little girl come in my car, i got candy
girl: my daddy told me not to talk to strangers
stranger: i got toys
girl: unless you got something i could check no deal

stranger: ummm..
girl: im callin the cops
-min later-
cop: little girl you did a great thing. hope u learned a lesson. Any1 who doesnt kno what is, might be a pervert


Store clerk: thatll be 19.95
lady: all i have is 15$ and some crumpled up food stamps
clerk: sorry that wont work
lady: but i have something better than$,its
clerk: you should of said that earlier you silly goose. Your stuff is on the house


‎-Arab guy sitting on plane on his laptop-
arab guy: terrorist? i was born in Minnesota
sg: yeah right? what are you looking at Osama?
ag: and stop calling me that
sg: you like that site too?!? OMG NO WAYY.We are gonna be best pals
ag: ummmm yeahhhhh, your weird
( making friendships everywhere)


Border Patrol: Freeze!hands up!
Juan: but sir..
BP: Why did u run in2 the US, back to mexico& back2 the US?
Juan: because i left my laptop at home in mexico and im missing out on my favorite site
BP: Why didnt you say that earlier!? I LOVE THAT SITE!, i guess thats a good excuse, I thought you had drugs or something.
( reaching beyond borders)


Kkkguy: Hey you nigger get to the back of the bus
Joe: Look i am not ignorant so therefore that insult doesnt apply to me,
kkkguy: Shut up u-
Kevin: Hey u can u keep it down, im trying to look @ peace here!
Kkkguy and Joe: What the hell is that?
Kevin: The greatest blog off ALL TIME u silly geese
Kkkguy: After seeing that blog I wanna apologize2 joe& fight for civil rights


Earl: Mommy some kids took my lunch money
Mother: ummmm yeah, because im a vegan hippy im gonna tell u not to hit them back, but what I will tell u is show them
Earl: but mom
Mother:dont but me mister, cut the jibber jabber
(days later)
Earl:The kids who took my money gave it back and even doubled it and now we're bffs
( saving lives1 at a time)


Bill (holding stomach): AHHHHH my wife left me and im having a heart attack someone help!
Joe: Sorry cant help with that, but what i cant help you find the greatest blog of all time
Bill: you dont mean?
Joe: Yes,
Bill grabs blackberry and looks at blog, then suddenly collapses
Joe: I guess he died doing something he loved
End scene

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