Thursday, January 13, 2011

My algebra teacher: move over superman, we have a real hero coming through!!!!

This story is fairly recent. It happened a few months ago sometime in my first semester of college. It was in my 9:00 am algebra class, and we were doing something graph related( if I remember correctly) anyway all of a sudden a bunch of people in our class starting getting these text messages. These text messages were those emergency text messages from the school. In it, we were told to stay in our class and make sure the doors were closed. Btw let me quickly explain the emergency txt messages. After all these school shootings like virgina tech and stuff, schools have adapted this emergency txt message thing to keep everyone aware and ultimately save lives...anyway back to the story. So the message said lock the door. My teacher aka the greatest hero of ALL time decided to OPEN the door, and keep it WIDE OPEN for the rest of the class. My classmates and I all had "WTF" looks on our faces. Some of us were so overwhelmed by our teacher's heroic actions that we couldn't contain our laughter. None of us knew what the hell was going on. We didn't know if there was a school shooter going around or what, and it didn't help that the emergency messages we got wernt specific. Shortly after class finished, we later found out that the thing was just a drill. The thing is NO ONE knew it, so if there was a school shooter my class might if been the first to go due to my teachers amazing heroic deeds. He pretty much bought us all potential one-way tickets to heven(or in some cases hell). You can take the avengers, justice league, and every other hero you can think of and in the end none of them compare to the amazing and witty heroics of Mr. Dubow (my algebra teacher)

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