Sunday, January 9, 2011

Inside Kevin's Journal: Why I dont think the comedy industry is right for me

A lot of people think im funny or at least mildly entertaining and say things like "you should be a comedian." Although thats a great compliment I don't thing that the business is right for me. I LOVE stand up comedy. My itunes is full of albums from bill burr, carlin, attlell, rock, chappelle, iglesias, prior and many more. I go to the Wilbur theater to see a couple live shows like Jim Norton, Bill burr and a few others. Im a child of comedy. I love it. My personal style is a mix of sarcastic, dark, racial, observational, and random humor. I just don't think that the comedy industry is right for me. There are a bunch of great comedians who are struggling. I watched this great documentary I AM COMIC a while back, and It was crazy how tough it is to make it in the actual industry now. Also on top of that there are a bunch of great comedians who get destroyed by the fame and most of all themselves. Its kinda like that joke that Roarshach told whatshisname in watchmen. About the person going into see the shrink because they were depressed and the shrink recommended that they go see this famous clown. Only to realize that the guy he's talking to is the clown. That just isn't me…Then again who knows what the future may bring. I might end up doing comedy as a side job. I mean I think I have what it takes to be a comedy writer. Like a neal brenian (writer on chappelle show and chris rock show) type. Or I might end up doing a Greg Giraldo move and getting my degree first and then get into comedy. Who knows…..I just know that I want to be successful and not some dry corny person

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