Monday, December 13, 2010

why I was annoyed PT3

So Im back with a new edition of "Why I was annoyed" where i give my take on these bs job denial letters i get. In this one I do one I got from TSA. Thank you for completley wasting my time TSA :) (I only wanted the job to help pay for school anyway) And without further of due, the letter:


Thank you for applying for the position of Transportation Security Officer (TSO) with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). We greatly appreciate the time and effort you have invested in this demanding evaluation process.
TRANSLATION: Thank you for applying for the TSA, unfortunately you are too nice and not c*nty enough to be an actual TSO. We're sorry we wasted a few months of your life with the process...who are we kidding? no were not

We regret to inform you that you did not pass the airport assessment requirement for the TSO position. If you are still interested in this position, you will need to wait six (6) months before you can reapply. Please be advised that there is no guarantee that vacancies will exist or that an opportunity to re-enter the evaluation process will be available at that time.
TRANSLATION: *Im not sure what i can actually say because I did sign a non disclosure agreement, so ill stay general* Im sorry but you just dont have what it takes to be a TSO. You look like a nice human being, who is not a blind follower of orders, and most importantly you dont seem like the type to effectively protect America. Nothing says keep the airs safe like grabbing a guys dick during a patdown, and kevin we just dont see that ball grabbing attitude from you. If you are retarded and have absolutely no life, you can always re-apply again in 6 months, and waste a few more months on the application process.

We appreciate your interest in employment with TSA and wish you success in your future career endeavors.
TRANSLATION: Blah blah blah good luck getting a job in this i mean good luck :)

TSA Office of Human Capital

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