Thursday, December 9, 2010

Was I wrong? : A group project turned ambush

"Better late than never, but never late is better" -Drake

Well today I got into a bit of a sitcheation and I'm curious to see who you think was wrong. I kno some of you would automatically side with me, but still keep an open mind. Ok here goes. In my business class we were given a group project as part of our final. In my group we all split the work up "equally" and got it done. One person in the group made the PowerPoint that we had to present and emailed it to us. Sounds good right? Well here's where it got crazy. Today was the day the groups had to present our projects to the class. Although I'm a commuter I still showed up on time. (for those who don't know me, I am OBSESSED with being on time. I hate being late to anything) so anyway I was in class waiting for my teammates to come and no one showed up. The first group went, and my team still want there. Then my teacher called my group up. I explained that I was the only one here and that my team should be on their way. She then said that if we don't go at that moment my group would get a zero on that assignment. I am not trying to get a zero so I got up and started to present. While I was presenting my teammates slowly comming in. They all had shocked looks on their faces, and just went into the presentation. Overall it went well but it still looked a bit unprofessional. After class two teammates wanted to talk to me after class. Little did I know I waltzed right into an ambush. They started getting on my saying how I was trying to take all the credit and how they had stuff to deal with so that's why they were late. They also told me that if I was late they would wait for me and how I should of called or texted them. My thing is this: how could I try and get all the credit on a group project? All our names were on it and it's not like I blotted it out. They also accused me of being shady cuz I didn't call them and give them a heads up. Last time I checked I don't have a vag and make babies so I'm no ones mom. They also insisted I should have called or txted but no one txted me saying they were gonna be late. So now that you know the facts what do you think? Was I wrong?

UPDATE: So I got an email from my business teacher about the presentation. We got an A, and due to my move, I saved my team from getting penalized. I feel the need to just rub it in their faces. Here's my teachers exact quote , "I have given you full credit for the presentation based on the “circumstances” and the way the team smoothly integrated into the presentation Kevin started. Kevin’s willingness to step up to the plate is notable and needs to be applauded. He was the only team member present. 92/100" I feel so good right now...Why you ask? Cuz KEVIN WINS AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!

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