Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Patriots vs Jets....correction Patriots raping Jets

That was a great game. The JEts did exactly what the Jets do they talk. Its to bad the NFL isnt just about talk. If so the jets would of easily won, but it isnt a game of talk, its football. I would write a big post about it but Im super tired and I have to meet with my english professor in a few min. So Im just gonna do something extremely lazy. Denis Leary made a book with his twitter updates, so Im just gonna post my fb status updates from last night up. They are pretty interesting and they go in order.......btw Im trying to find out how to put one of those mini chatroom things on here, so when a big game does go down, it would be fun and entertainment for all. Well here goes:

An hour before kickoff: The Patriots are gonna treat the Jets like Ben rothlessburger treated that girl in the bathroom stall...in other words the Pats are gonna rape the Jets

After the Pats were up by two touchdown:LETS GO PATS!!!!!!!!!!
the jets are like that plane on Lost, they are just crashing hard and its entertaining.........

After the PAts scored again:Tickets to the Pats game: $
Antonio Cromartie's child support for his 9 kids: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
Seeing the disappointed look on Jets/Jets fans faces: Priceless

After another one of "Sanchize's" Interceptions:I dont hear any Jets fans......HELLOOOOOOOO JETSSSSS FANNSSSSSSS...IS ANYONE HOME?...... The Jets and the kamikaze pilots have something in common...they are both self destructing lol, screw the Jets

I was in the middle of a status and Woodhead just ran down field, thus interrupting my thought process lol:Have you seen it?
The Jets talent was last seen on HBO's hard knocks and hasnt been heard from since. If you find please call Rex Ryan at 1800...............HOLY S!!!! DID YOU SEE THAT?! I TOLD YOU DANNY WOODHEAD WOULD HAVE A GREAT GAME!!!!!! LETS GOOOOOOOOOOOO

These last few took place sometime in the fourth quarter:Perfect quote to describe whats going on in Gillette Stadium right now:
"Think theres been a rape up there!" - Ricky Gervais

Hey Braylon Edwards can you teach me how to dougie.....oh wait, never mind, you should get Woodhead to teach you how to catch.......PATRIOTS!!!!!!!!!

Lesson Rex Ryan Learned today:
A closed mouth dont get fed, and an open one talking **** gets checked

(I hope you enjoyed reading my lazy attempt of an update, Im gonna try and do a legit update soon)

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