Friday, December 10, 2010

Now i really am surprised at myself.....I cant believe im actually defending Brett Farve?!

I used to like Brett Farve when I was small, but now I cant stand him. He's such an attention whore. Everytime is says "Im gonna retire" I just yell at the screen "ARE YOU? ARE YOU REALLY" and a few months later he plays again. Does he love getting tackled by men that much that he would avoid his actual family? Anyway screw him, but recently he was in the news for something other than his football skills. When he was playing with the Jets(another team i hate) He tried to bag this chick that works for the Jets. Her name is Jenn Sterger. Anyway Grampa Farve sent her some txt messages and even got a little confident enough to "allegedly" send her a pic of his "alleged dick". I saw the pic (no im not gay) and Im puzzled why he would send that. Lets say hypothetically he was doing good with the txt messages, that dick pic would demolish any chance/progress he ever made/had. I wanna try and make a small dick joke thats related to packers, jets and vikings, but my creativity is super low right now...My last thing about it is guys if you feel insecure and your lady ever makes a small dick joke, you can always reply "Yeah that might be true, but at least im not Brett farve" lol.....BAck to the point. The NFL investigated this and got nothing. But now Jenn Sterger is saying she wont sue Brett FArve on one condition...That the NFL suspends Brett FArve. I HATE brett farve and his joke of a career now, but I think she's forcing it. Lets be honest. She looks like she has gotten a few dick pics in her time, and is only using Brett FArve to get her name out there. BUt lets be honest, theres nothing that can come out of this. No one would watch a movie or read a book about a lady who got one dick pic from the worlds most selfish football player, because no one would care. Now she wants to make it an all out legal battle...why? thats such a waste of time.In addition to Brett sent that disappointing pic when he was playing for the Jets. If that pic was that disturbing to her, she would of put this out YEARS ago. Anyway shes asking that brett be suspended. I disagree with her. This is surprising that im actually saying this because I was one of those people with a big smile on my face when he got taken out of the Pats game. He shouldnt get suspended. I really think this might be his last year anyway. He got more abuse than a black woman in a tyler Perry movie this season, so I really think he done, so this "recommended" suspension is useless. So Jenn Sterger move on...

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