Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My top movies of the 2010(in my opinion)

The BEST movies I saw in 2010
1. The Town
(I loved this movie. It was a smart Bank Robbery movie. The Characters were great. And its filmed in Boston, so of course I loved it..how this isnt up for best picture is something I would never understand)
2. Inception
(Chris Nolan made another great movie..anyone surprised? nope. It was definetly mind rape. I had to see it twice to fully get it.
3. Kickass
(I could go on and on why I LOVE this movie. The comic was awesome and they were true to it, and didnt butcher it like they did Wanted. MAtthew VAughn delivered. It defently is on of the greatest superhero movies of ALL TIME.)
4.Social Network
(When I saw the trailer I was one of the few who said it looks like its gonna be complete garbage, but it surprised me. It was done very well. The story was good and the kid from zombieland who played Mark Zuckerberg did a great job at being a douche. I liked it a lot)
5.Black Swan
(I saw it last night and thought it was pretty good. Darren Aronofsky does a great job at making characters you care about, he did a great job in the wrestler and did the same thing wth the Black Swan. It was weird and strange, but it didnt lose me. Natalie Portman did her thing, and the movie is awesome)
6. Buried
(Another one of those movies that surprised me. I never woulda thought that a movie with Ryan Reynolds being buried alive for 90min would make for a great movie, but it did. The movie never lost its suspense and the ending was crazy. Might be R.R's best movie in my opinion)
7.Toy Story 3
(The Toy Story movies are always good, and this one did a great job with putting the toys in a darker situation, raising the stakes and also growing with the audience.
8. Scott Pilgrim
(Another great comic book movie)
9.Four Lions
(A UK comedy about jihadist suicide bombers. Im getting used to UK comedy and some jokes went over my head, but it was different, and no holds barred. The ending itself went places I never thought it would go)
10. I Love you Phillip Morris
(This is the Jim Carey gay con man movie.It was really good and kinda funny. Its pretty much Catch me if you can if you make the main character gay)
11. Piranha 3D
(This movie surprised me. This was another I was sure was gonna suck, but it was pretty entertaining. Its pretty much tits, blood, and fish..and it was well executed)

The worst movies I actualy SAW in 2010
(I hated this movie. The robberies were so dumb and overdramatic. The gunfight with the russians was so CHEESY, and TI's acting was THE WORST. TAkers is like that kid who had so much promise, and then ended up becoming a crackhead...aka it was disappointing)
2. Dinner with Shmucks
(That movie was annoying and lame. Steve Caroll was aggravatingly retarded. I only laughed at one part and its the battle at the actual dinner. Other than that it was lame)
3. Lottery Ticket
(It was so stupid, that whole thing could be avoided if he didnt tell his granny anything. When I saw it we had more fun laughing at it then actualy with it)

Movie I have mix feeling about
1. Easy A
(I didnt like it or hate it. I thought the story was ok, but I didnt really laugh that much...All in all it was just ok to me)

Movies I am going to watch soon
1. Night Catches Us
(Its a movie about Black Panthers and stuff like that. I heard about it, and it looks really good. Also Marlo from the Wire is in it, so im in)

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