Monday, December 20, 2010

My opinion on Cipha Sounds and the Haitian joke he made

So ppl are calling for Cipha Sounds from Hot 97 in NYC to get fired cuz of some Haitian joke he made. The joke itself wasnt funny and I could see how ppl are hurt about it, but fire him? hell nah...We have freedom of speech in America and to fire someone because of a bad joke is stupid. For those who dont know Cipha attempted at a joke in which he said:"The reason I'm HIV negative is cause I don't mess with Haitian girls." And to be fair to Ciph one and four girls nowadays do have some kind of STD. And 26% of New Yorkers do have herpies. He might of known some Haitian women with HIV, who knows. That being said the joke itself wasnt funny or even factual, but I dont think he should be punished for it. I dont think Imus should of been fired for the "nappy headed hoes" thing, and neither should Ciph. Some jokes suck, but they legally can say whatever. I make jokes about everyone and everything, and I dont think anyone should be fired because of a joke that bombed. Also one thing I hate is all this outrage in this country. We really become so soft and get offended at everything. Even people who have never heard the show are up in arms. They should just shut up, and stay out of it. The only people who should receive an apology is the Haitian Women actually listening to the program. But everyone comes out the woodwork and wants an apology. Like with the Imus thing. Every black woman wanted an apology after that, when I say the only people who he should apologize to are the actual players.We are really turning into a nation of sensitive pussies..On the flip side, I do see how some people can be hurt and take it the wrong way, but if you know you dont have no HIV dont worry about it. Its just like the n-word argument. If you aint a n-word then dont take it to heart. Included is a video of one of my favorite comedians Patrice O'Neal and in it hes talking about when Opie and Anthony got fired for the Homeless Charlie incident. Although the video is about another situation, the common theme of individuals perception of "funny" still stands.

UPDATE: I actually found a funny Haitian Aids joke (2:30)

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