Tuesday, December 7, 2010

My FML moment of the day

Today was one of those FML type of days. I went to Best buy to get some new headphones because the ones I had were screwing up on me. I then proceeded to walk to the library, to wait for this phone call. (That last sentence sounds like some intense shenanigans is going on) But since your wondering the cll was about this job offer. Anyway so Im walking and I pull the headphone out the ipod headphone hole thing, only to discover that a part of it was stuck in the hole. I was LIVID. I was cussing more than a somali sailor. Once I got to the library I opened my mac and googled ways to get that part out the hole. (I realize that from this point on most of my references are gonna come out sounding kinda gay...oh well) One way mentioned a paper clip, so i took the paper clip and started dinglinging it inside the hole to force the thing out. That didnt work. Next I tried to do a human vacuum and blow it out (I told you it was gonna sound gay, imagine what it looked like. me taking my itouch and trying to suck that piece out lol..might be one of my finest moments) So anyway that didnt work. I got the phone call about the job and once that was over I got on the train to get home. Heres where the pain begins. I got to Park Street Station, and you know how there are subway performers? Well today there was a guy who looked like either a hippy or a hobo singing songs from How the Grinch Stole Christmas. I love Dr. Suess and I think he would turn over in his grave after hearing that. You know the part of the song where it goes "The three words that best describe you Are as follows, and I quote,"Stink, stank, stunk!" Well those three words can also describe his singing. So after I my ears suffer through two of his horrid songs, the train comes. The problem is these two black semi-old ladies are just babbling and gossiping. I thought I was in a Tyler Perry movie for a second. They talked the ENTIRE time. I tried to ignore them but they just didnt stop. THey talked about everything from this girl's man, to someone hiring someone to kill someone else. The whole time I was trying to sleep, but those two broads just kept going. If they had energizer bunny batteries I would of stole them just to make em shut up. To top it off once the train got to their station, it didnt let them off right away. Tell me why at that exact time there was a situation at the station that needed the cops, so they had to keep us on the train. The few additional min wit those two chatty cathys were ones I wish I could trade away. Old ladies really love to hear themselves talk, its too bad everyone else doesnt. Soon after I got home and I tried even more ways of getting the part out. One of the gayest sounding ways was lubing up a broken headphone jack with super glue and just sticking it in there and pulling it out(hoping the part stuck). That way also failed. So I guess Im without an Ipod, and have to hear a bunch of annoying people.. Oh well at least itll make for some interesting stories

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